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The Gentle Place Massage & Yoga

Yoga Studio

  79 Main St, First Floor, Framingham, MA

  79 Main St, First Floor, Framingham, MA Framingham  - 1702

  (508) 788-7300


Friday 8:30AM–8:30PM
Saturday 8:30AM–5PM
Sunday 8:30AM–8:30PM
Monday 10AM–8:30PM
Tuesday 8:30AM–8:30PM
Wednesday 8:30AM–8:30PM
Thursday 6:30AM–8:30PM

Review summary

  • Sara Bowen

    I absolutely loved my first trip to The Gentle Place and plan to have many more visits in the future!! It was such a wonderful and calming atmosphere and the massage was a very thoughtful experience. It was clear there was an incredibly high level of knowledge about the practice. Everything from the initial consultation at the beginning of the session to the warmed blanket during the massage to the overall flow of the appointment was truly lovely.

    I would absolutely recommend The Gentle Place and was looking forward to my next visit as soon as I left

  • Monica Signorino

    I'm a beginner yogi and The Gentle Place was a great place for me to become acquainted with yoga. The first class I attended was Beginner's Vinyasa on Tuesday nights with Kelly, who is absolutely awesome. The class is really adaptable for different levels of practice and after just a few classes, I was surprised to already be noticing a difference in my flexibility and ability. In addition, yoga has helped me become more in tune with my body, which has had a positive impact in my form and endurance when I'm working out at the gym.

    The Gentle Place has not only a spa-like relaxing aura, but also a super friendly and knowledgeable staff to match! I highly recommend The Gentle Place to beginner yogis like me as well as experienced yogis who are just looking for a calm, caring community to practice in

  • Melanie Zoltan

    I've been seeing Donna now for 4 years, and she's extraordinary. It's not just the massage -- it's the way she makes the entire experience a stress-free zone. I've started taking yoga at her studio as well. The massage experience is professional, caring, and improves my flexibility while reducing pain and tension.