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Common Ground Yoga

Yoga Studio

  1 Edgell Road, Suites 22 and 29, Framingham, MA

  1 Edgell Road, Suites 22 and 29, Framingham, MA Framingham  - 1701

  (508) 665-6449


Friday 8:30AM–8:30PM
Saturday 8AM–12PM
Sunday 8AM–5PM
Monday 8:30AM–8:30PM
Tuesday 8:30AM–8:30PM
Wednesday 8:30AM–8:30PM
Thursday 8:30AM–8:30PM

Review summary

  • Barbara Tresko

    Best yoga studio I have ever attended!

  • Kate Seder

    I did yoga for many years on my own. Finally decided to have a personal evaluation done at Elements3. I knew I loved yoga and wanted to make sure I was going each pose correctly In order to ensure safety.
    The staff was so very helpful and I joined for 3 months right then and there.
    I've been attending 3 classes per week! The beauty of sharing my practice with other members is so very beautiful! My personal inner peace has found a home within myself.
    I'm equestrian and yoga has helped to be in the moment with each stride I take with my horse. Not to mention the physical strength I've developed.
    Yoga is beautiful!!!!!

  • Richard Ames

    A full body workout that is sustainable for any fitness level Each instructor at E3 brings their own unique flavor to every class. Andrew the owner has created a fun and supportive environment that I highly recommend to anyone interested in yoga.