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barre3 Sudbury

Yoga Studio

  365 Boston Post Rd, Sudbury, MA

  365 Boston Post Rd, Sudbury, MA Sudbury - 1776

  (978) 261-5324


Friday 6AM–5:30PM
Saturday 7:45–10AM
Sunday 7:45AM–5PM
Monday 9AM–8PM
Tuesday 9AM–7:30PM
Wednesday 6AM–8PM
Thursday 9AM–7:30PM

Review summary

  • Tara Parker

    It's easy to say what I love about Barre3. The amazing workout I receive after attending each class! It is a whole mind, body workout that you don’t get at any other studio.

    I love going to Barre3 for many reasons but one of the biggest reasons is the awesome play lounge they have there! I get my workout in and some much needed “me” time. My children love going there and playing with their friends. It’s such a relief to know that I can bring them somewhere that is safe and clean while still getting an incredible workout in. It also shows them that mom takes an effort in wanting to stay healthy which is important.

    Barre3 makes me feel complete. I love that I feel like I can accomplish anything after I take a class. I feel mind, body and soul are connected and re-energized after I leave. There is no better feeling than that :)

  • Rebecca Firth

    I love Barre3 for the warm and welcoming atmosphere from the moment I walk through the door. Every class and instructor brings something different, yet follows the same flow. There's magic in that! I love to push myself in class, but there's comfort knowing if I drop those weights one day, no one is going to look at me sideways. Plus I love the extra events like Barre3 kiddo classes!

  • lisa k

    There are so many things that I love about Barre3...the classes all have exercises that work on a combination of improving strength, balance, cardio, and even mindfulness, but no two classes are the same so no risk of boredom. The studio is welcoming, clean, light, and bright. Every instructor has a different style, but all are well trained and supportive. They each find a way to gently push you to do your personal best every class, no matter how you are feeling that particular day. I have tried many different types of studio based exercise programs, but I am finding that Barre3 is the only program that has kept me engaged and motivated over time. After class I am energized, I feel stronger, and grateful that I took the time for self care with this fabulous program.