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Review summary

  • Melissa Duca

    My new years resolution was to be more positive. So I thought I would try yoga...again. Was never a fan but though I would give it another shot. I am now completely addicted to Melanie's and Jamie's classes. Not only am I getting in shape (I was running but I gave that up to concentrate on yoga and see what it alone does for my body) but my attitude has changed for the better. I am not as short with my kids/husband, I am not letting the little things bother me and look forward to my hour of just me to "let everything go that isn't serving me" which was a lot!

    The studio is quaint and you feel like family as soon as you walk in and see a smiling face. I have been to yoga in the past and never connected with it. I am not sure if it is how it is taught here or the calm in their voices or the positive attitude that they exude to their clients but there is something special here. I actually plan my work/day around classes. I love it!

  • Kristin F

    Yoga Exchange is spectacular! I always look forward to going to class and leave feeling both energized and at peace. I cherish the opportunity to practice with different teachers and while all the teachers offer a similar style of yoga, their personalities shine through. Melanie and Jamie have created a welcoming atmosphere. It is clear that they take pride in their teaching and the well-being of all their clients!

  • Lauren Davis

    The Yoga Exchange offers a great schedule of classes taught by compassionate and knowledgeable practitioners. The studio itself is a warm and inviting space located in downtown Holliston with plenty of parking. I highly recommend stopping by to try a class!