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Laughing Dog Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio

  159 Linden St #1, Wellesley, MA

  159 Linden St #1, Wellesley, MA Framingham  - 2482

  (781) 235-9642


Review summary

  • Samantha Meyers

    Great classes, teachers really know their stuff

  • Nathan Kessel

    Having taken many yoga classes before, I have to say that I was disappointed by every class I took here. I took classes with at least five instructors, and every single class was (for me) far too much talking and barely any focus on feeling or listening to the body. I would characterize this place as a fitness studio rather than a yoga studio. With the dance class, I was expecting the type of guided free-form dance done at Kripalu or any ecstatic dance class, where you really connect with your body and tap into your innermost being though expressive moment... instead it was virtually indistinguishable from Zumba (basically a choreographed movement class). At least it was a nice lesson in dropping expectations and going with the flow... though I don’t expect I’ll be coming back again.

    One final complaint— I bought a 10-class card at the studio, used it a few times and went backpacking in Southeast Asia... when I returned to take another class, they told me my card had expired. I was never told it would expire (I would have surely used all the class credits up before my trip if I knew), and had to pay again for the next class I wanted to take!

    All in all, a good place if you want some exercise— can’t say I recommend it if you want to connect with your body though

  • Julia N