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Shanti Yoga

Yoga Studio

  61 Wood St, Hopkinton, MA

  61 Wood St, Hopkinton, MA Hopkinton - 1748

  (508) 625-0063


Friday 7AM–2PM
Saturday 7AM–4:30PM
Sunday 8AM–6:30PM
Monday 7AM–8PM
Tuesday 6AM–8PM
Wednesday 7–8AM
Thursday 6AM–8PM

Review summary

  • Faryn Savasta

    Shanti yoga is amazing. All the teachers are excellent and so in touch with what their students need during practice. The barre class is unlike any I’ve ever experienced before (and I’ve done barre at many different places) and the feeling of community is really special. Shanti is my happy place.

  • Rachel Copertino

    Shanti is an amazing community, with skilled and knowledgeable instructors. I walk out the door after class, feeling calm, present and better than when I walked in. I'm so grateful for all Shanti provides for me!

  • David Perez

    My wife and I loved working out at the Shanti Barre class with Carly. As their website states "Barre classes are high energy, playful and challenging", definitely an accurate description of their classes on the website. The room was setup with high quality mats available and setup with weights for us.

    Carly is an amazing instructor. She kept the room lively and comfortable.