Why is smoking harmful in pregnancy?

Smoking is injurious to health. We all know that. But, it’s even devastating if done during pregnancy. We’re gonna talk about how smoking is harmful in pregnancy. If you are the one who is addicted to smoking and planning to get pregnant shortly, you turn your attention to something that can help you in getting rid of such situation. For example, you can go to know more about smoking cessation and various online resources that can help you in quitting smoking.
You can also lookout for a medical health expert about this and try various medical assistant equipment that is available out there in the market to help you in quitting smoking. Remember, it’s never too late to start for something good especially if you are willing to give up on something bad!

How Is Smoking Harmful in Pregnancy?


The very first expected consequence of having the habit of smoking before or during the time of pregnancy is a miscarriage. This extremely unexpected loss of a pregnancy is a highly tragic event at any stage no matter what time it is.

Miscarriages usually happen in the first three months of pregnancy even on the nearest location they are likely to occur after 20 weeks of gestation period.
Also, other possible complications for smoking can lead to problems with the placenta or slow development of the fetus as this can also cause miscarriage or stillbirth.

Abruption of placenta

Another really important thing that is worth noting here is that placenta is often considered as the lifeline structure that occurs during your pregnancy period that provides all the necessary nutrients and oxygen to the fetus.

If you are habitual of smoking, then it can serve as a major risk factor for several serious complications related to the placenta. This includes placental abruption where the placenta separates from the uterus before the child comes out.

The worst thing is that no surgery or treatment is currently available to reattach. However, immediate medical assistance can help in increasing the chance of recovery.

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Low birth weight of the baby

This is another miss leading consequence of not quitting smoking during pregnancy. Smoking can also cause low birth weight for your baby and this doesn’t just mean delivering a small baby but this can be extremely harmful to their health.

Consequently, this can also lead to many other problems and disabilities. There might be serious health issues for them in the near future.

However, advanced medical care that is available today as relatively reduced the number of deaths due to this but still it’s a serious situation in case things are not controlled properly before time.

Post Birth Defects

Smoking is one habit that is not just harmful to your own body but for your baby’s health as well. Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of your baby being born with multiple birth defects. That may be highly dangerous for your young one.

Most of the common defects include the serious problems of congenital heart defects and problems related to the basic structure of the heart.

smoking is harmful in pregnancy

Apart from this, there are many other issues that have been possibly linked to smoking during the face of pregnancy.

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Chances of preterm birth

Smoking is also seen as a major reason why preterm birth happened with women. According to medical experts, if you smoke during your pregnancy it can cause serious preterm birth issues with your baby.

This usually happens when a baby is born too early before completion of the whole gestation period. There are many health risks associated with preterm birth including visual and hearing impairments, mental disability, learning and behavior problems. And other complications that can even result in direct death your baby in certain cases.

smoking is harmful in pregnancy

As a result, the baby is likely to suffer from several visual and hearing impairment. When he grows up and is also likely to suffer from several mental disabilities, multidimensional and multifaceted behavioral problems. And various other complicated issues that can even lead to the premature death of the baby.

Your health

Apart from serving as a threat to your baby, smoking can also cause severe damage to your health. The two things can never be mixed while smoking puts you and your unborn baby at risk.

So it’s better to quit smoking and get rid of all the possible health-related risks. Smoking continuously contributes to increasing complications. Many of these can be extremely harmful to the mother and the baby as well.

If you smoke and still want to get pregnant, quitting your habit of smoking should be your priority. Smoking can even prevent you from getting pregnant in the first place.
The issues related to fertility likely to happen about two times more with both male and female smokers. That is as per the American society for reproductive medicine institute. Any kind of smoking is just dangerous to the baby just as the body of the mother.

These reasons are why smoking is harmful in pregnancy. I hope these are enough to help you consider quitting the habit of smoking altogether.