The Health Benefits of Yoga – 10 Reasons to Start Today

Yoga is a century-old practice from in India. It is a practice that involves various poses and postures to bring harmony between physical and mental health. Centuries ago, when there were no medical treatments available, yogis used yoga asanas to cure their ailments. Yoga can be a very important part of a healthy lifestyle because of all the benefits of yoga. It is easy and relaxing and doesn’t take up much time from our busy schedules. An unhealthy lifestyle can cause a lot of health issues, some of them might be even serious.

Here, we will enlist 10 reasons why you should inculcate yoga in your daily routine:-

Managing Hing Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a serious condition that can lead to a lot of heart diseases like strokes, heart attacks, etc. One of the benefits of yoga is that it acts naturally to control high blood pressure. Yoga asanas involve breathing exercises as well which promotes mindfulness and thus relieving stress which in turn controls hypertension. It calms down the abnormal heart rate by various poses and Pranayam exercises. The flow of positive energy and stimulation of proper blood circulation increases with yoga, therefore relieving in high blood pressure.

Help in Mood Swings

During our waking moments, our mind goes through a lot of emotions and situations. We feel a lot of emotions like anger, sadness, happiness, excitement, etc. When our body undergoes a stressful situation our brains emit certain hormones that regulate our emotions and reactions in these situations. This is what is known as mood swings. Yoga and meditation calm the hyper-active mind and induces mindfulness. It reduces stress and helps the body relax and the mind reflects.

Prevents Diabetes

Diabetes is a very common disease nowadays. It can happen to anyone at any age. Diabetes occurs due to hormonal imbalances in the body. It can lead to some serious health issues if not controlled. Yoga helps to reduce blood sugar levels and slows down the symptoms of progressing diabetes. It relieves stress and flushes out the toxins from the body through sweat.

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Builds Strength and Flexibility

Yoga asanas and poses are all about building balance and a strong core. With regular practice, it improves your body strength, flexibility and makes your body lean. They remove your body limitations like arthritis, limber, etc through the poses and asanas, making it more flexible and strong. Yoga exercises tone the body muscles by stretching them. Yoga helps in bringing balance and posture to your body. It is very important for strength and flexibility, especially for older people.

Relief From Asthma

Yoga includes some breathing exercises known as Pranayam. It regulates our breathing system and induces mindfulness. These Pranayam exercises calm the body, mind, and brain and act as a healing therapy for the respiratory and circulatory systems of the body. It helps to energize and calm the nervous system of the body. It increases the flow of oxygen to the lungs, eliminating the progressive signs of asthma. These asanas bring the body to a meditative state and calm it down from stress and anxiety, thus tackling the issues of asthma.

Improves Posture

Yoga works like a miracle to improve a bad posture. With all the stretching, relaxing, and balancing yoga improves the posture and physique of a person. Yoga helps you to stand taller, walk straighter and maintain poise. It strengthens and stretches your upper torso and lower body making you look leaner. Good yoga practice includes maintaining a good posture and poise, thus relieving you from any kind of back problems.

Boosts Immunity and Metabolism

There are antibiotics and supplements available in the market for immunity boost and metabolism. But we all know that there are harmful effects of these medications on our body. They can even cause us long term medical issues in the future. Yoga, however, acts as a natural and fully organic immunity booster for the body. It not only clears and stimulates the digestive system but also increases our metabolism. The yoga asanas improve the blood circulation making our body stronger to fight against all the viruses and bacteria, hence, improving our overall defense mechanism. I’m telling you, the benefits of yoga are endless.

Helps to Relax

Yoga includes meditative practices that relax and rejuvenates our body, mind, and soul. It helps the body and mind to calm down and release out all the stress. It works wonders to eliminate issues like sleep disorders, insomnia, snoring, migraine, headache, etc. Asanas such as seated meditation, yoga Nidra, etc conserves the body energy and channels them out efficiently. It puts the body and mind in a serene environment promoting metal and inner peace.

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Increases Heart Rate

Just like a good cardio workout, yoga also works wonder in helping you increase your heart rate. It builds our cardiovascular health and improves lung capacity. Yoga also stimulates and improves our respiratory and circular systems and therefore, increases our heart rate. It takes the stress off our body and mind, therefore, promoting a healthy heart.

Helps in Weight Loss

A regular yoga practice can help in weight loss too. It burns body calories and helps in weight loss. Yoga might not cause a drastic or a quick effect but in the long run, it sure does help reduce a few pounds and inches. Yoga tones and strengthens your body from head to toe and makes it lean, flexible and strong. It gives shape and posture to your body and flattens out your stomach and abdominal area.  

There are numerous benefits of yoga that couldn’t be contained in this list. It keeps you both mentally and physically fit leading to a much healthier lifestyle. Therefore, with simple life changes can help you lead a happier life with no serious health issues and also to live longer.