The Best form of Childbirth for You and Your Baby

Pregnancy is getting inside someone’s womb. It is one of the most beautiful experiences in the life of every woman. But greater to it is motherhood, being a mother gives you an abundance of joy, happiness and contentment. Another important aspect of childbirth is the delivery of the baby. It is a very crucial part of the process of childbirth. We’re going to discuss the best form of childbirth later.

During the 1940s most of the deliveries were conducted outside the hospital. But since the medical technology has taken a leap. Hospitals have focused on providing a safer and healthy environment in hospitals. The hospitals have started providing separate maternity suites for pregnant women to provide the home-like atmosphere.

So with time, there have also evolved a number of childbirth options. With the increased complications in pregnancy and the advancement of technology, a number of delivery alternatives are available.

Here is a list of childbirth options available for the parents to be:

·     Vaginal birth

It is the traditional method of giving birth and is considered to be the most common mad the safest option for delivery. It is the natural way of childbirth via the vagina of the mother.

·     C Section

The caesarean section is a method of childbirth where the baby is delivered by opening the abdomen of the mother and surgically taking out the baby by opening the uterus. This may be planned by the parents beforehand or it resorts in case some complications arise in the vaginal delivery.

·     Vaginal birth after C section

During older times, after a C-section, the chances of future vaginal deliveries was nullified. But with the advancement of medical science, this is now possible. In fact, an estimated 75 per cent of women who try VBAC have a successful vaginal delivery.

·     Natural Childbirth/ Water Birthing

It is the most natural method of giving birth and doesn’t involve any medical procedures and can be conducted at home. This method is gaining a lot of popularity these days. It is extremely empowering for women and fosters the mother and child relationship. Water birthing is the most natural and painless way of bringing new life to the world.

But the big question arises that which form of childbirth is best for you and your baby. Don’t worry because we at vedyou are here with an answer. And the winner among the above forms of childbirth is ‘Vaginal Delivery’.

Vaginal Delivery : Best Form of Childbirth

Vaginal delivery is the best form of childbirth for you and your baby. It is the traditional form of delivery and doesn’t include many medical procedures.

Here are listed some of the benefits of vaginal delivery for the baby and you:

Baby receives the good bacteria

As the baby passes through the birth canal, he/ she gets an early dose of the beneficial bacteria. This good bacteria is very good for the health and immunity of the baby. Moreover, it also keeps safe the intestinal tracts of the baby.

Shorter hospital stay and faster recovery

In an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, your expected time in the hospital is just 24-48 hours. Although you should avoid any strenuous activity for six weeks after a vaginal birth to allow your body to heal, you should be able to perform your regular daily tasks within a couple of days.

You can squeeze fluid out of your baby’s lungs

When in the womb the baby’s fill up with the fluid. With the help of hormonal changes that occur during labour the fluid clears up but the rest is squeezed out as your baby passes through your birth canal. Any remaining fluid is coughed out after the birth or absorbed by your baby’s body.

Avoid surgery risks

All the surgeries include various risks including a reaction to the anaesthesia, infection, haemorrhaging and blood clots. Surgeries may also lead to severe bleeding, scars, infections, and much more long-lasting pain. Thus with vaginal delivery, you can avoid all these risks.

Can start breastfeeding early

As per WHO breastfeeding should be started by the mother as early as possible. It increases the chances that a baby will be breastfed exclusively from one to four months as well as the overall duration of breastfeeding. Vaginal deliveries allow you to breastfeed as early.
So these were the benefits of vaginal delivery and it is the most commonly opted delivery process. But before making any decision do consult your gynaecologist for the best and safe advice.