The best and the worst times of year to Get Pregnant

The title may have already got you a hint as what our point of discussion is going to be. deciding when to get pregnant and conceive a baby is something which is not in anyone’s hand. But practical knowledge of the same thing can help you in guiding through the whole confusion in case you suffer from it. Although, these facts and statements should not be taken to be completely authentic but having a discussion over there and guide you to a much possible and correct extent!

So let us now distinguish between the two and have a look at the best and worst times of the year when you can conceive a baby and have some predefined consequences of same whether they are good or bad.

Best times of the year –

  • Although this sensitive issue of deciding the best time of the year to get pregnant is something really out of the control of couples according to some reports research studies and even fertility experts some pre-assumed conclusions based on proper research and observations have been laid down.
  • What and when couples think perfect to conceive a baby completely depends upon them but according to fertility experts around the world there is a particular time in the year when a woman should ideally conceive a baby which will benefit in many terms for the whole family.
  • Once you are assured of your decision of expanding your family, you need to take care of every in your plan as it is going to have a direct impact over every small action and its consequence.
  • Some people decide that they want a baby to be born in the early autumn but you should know that the same means that you will be pregnant during the summer which should be precise.
  • Also carrying a baby in high temperatures can prove to be an uncomfortable experience for you especially if it is coming somewhere between the third month.

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Some women choose to conceive a baby during the spring season to avoid pregnancy during the summer month which means that the final month will happen to be in winter.

  • In some cases, it has been noticed that suffer from depression of seasonal affective disorder (SED).
  • If that is the case with you then winter can be the most difficult time of the year for you. There would also be a lot of hormonal changes related to pregnancy that can have a direct influence on your emotional health.
  • Conceiving a baby isn’t just a matter that depends upon a few conclusions.
  • This major decision depends upon a lot of factors including the most important thing – the physical aspects.
  • Trying to elevate and track cycle workout in the way when you will be most fertile to conceive a baby then you should try and get as many baby-making sessions as possible to increase the chances of conceiving a baby in the meanwhile.
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Worst times of the year

  • There are main incidences where it has been noticed that women who conceived a baby during a certain time of the year faced a lot of issues in the coming time due to this.
  • Of course, you must be concerned about when to get pregnant for maximum assurance. To keep knowledge is something you will never regret in vain. So it’s important to note that babies conceived in May have maximum chances of being born prematurely.
  • Women who get pregnant around May and had their third trimester around January or February had around 20% chances of going into the process of conceiving a premature baby.
  • Here’s the reason why – January and February have been considered as the peak season for flu which is the primary cause for inflammation which causes premature conceive of a baby.
  • Evidently, babies who are born with prematurity issues are more prone to develop serious health problems such as respiratory and digestive problems.
  • They may also need proper hospital care for weeks and sometimes even months after their birth which has been witnessed in most of the cases where the baby was conceived around January and February.
  • So, in a nutshell, it can be concluded that women who conceived their baby around January and February have more chances of getting conceived with a baby who is probably going to born prematurely.
  • So what’s the ideal solution to this?

Well, the information you get from the sources around you is not at all supposed to be 100% authentic. To keep things risk free, it is always advisable to go and consult your doctor for the best and most authentic advice when it comes to deciding when to conceive a baby keeping in mind the best and worst time of the year. Seeking professional assistance will not only lead you to the most authentic and real advice but also guide you through the whole process without putting you in any kind of health problems.