Self-tanners our allies for a tan all year round.

The sun has many qualities that our skin and our health love. It releases vitamin D essential for our well-being, it heats our skin when we walk outside and it allows us to have a pretty tanned skin. But that happens especially in summer, as soon as autumn arrives, goodbye tanned and sun-heated skin and hello rain and dull skin.

For some people, the sun can also be seen as our number 1 enemy. Indeed, it could be responsible for the premature aging of our skin and sometimes even skin cancer.

But then, how to have a beautiful complexion all year round without spending hours in the sun.

Is the magic of self-tanners real?

Self-tanners are your ally if you want a tanned complexion all year round. They are presented as moisturizers. Products with a very light consistency and easy to apply. Their particularity is the fact that instead of being white, they are slightly brown, the color of a beautiful Mediterranean tan indeed.

Mentalities have changed, before self-tanners were not appreciated because many found that they were not easy to apply and therefore that the tan was not uniform, that they turned us into a real orange … But now use a self-tanner is no longer frowned upon as it was before.