Reason behind why women gain belly fat fast

Any struggle is always very difficult, as it demands huge mobilization of physical and psychological forces. In particular, if your enemy is not the fascist scout and not malicious competitors, but you. I speak about struggle for a harmonious figure.

Dieticians assert that the main reason for occurrence on hips, stomach, and waist fat which hides our harmonious figure is high-calorific foods. And I will not be mistaken if I will tell that modern women (in comparison with all predecessors) are in the severe conditions on the preservation of the figure.

After all, around it is so many enemies who not only need to be known by sight but also to be able to struggle with them.

Physiological reason behind why women gain belly fat fast

The meal has ceased to be for a long time one of the physiological requirements of the person. People have transformed a meal into pleasure, which I develop from continuous «I love that» and «I do not love it».

In a refrigerator, we look not so much to satisfy hunger but to eat something tasteful. On all television channels, professional cooks welcome who share with us a miracle preparation recipe of wonderful dishes. And during the advertising, we are compelled to look at the screen from which chocolate and coconut cakes with almonds inside ask us in the mouth.

As a result, we suffer from gastronomic dependence, which on force does not concede nicotinic and narcotic. Try – lose for time (for a week) a sweet (especially if earlier you ate something tasteful every day). And you will feel horrible – you will be malicious and angry, and the desire to eat at least a little of sweets will be persistent to pursue you.

Try to give to yourself pleasure in other ways. Meet with girlfriends (but not to drink a cup of tea with cookies, but on a walk), please yourself with the female magazine, look through the Internet, and communicate with the spouse.

Eventually, in life, there are many pleasures, which are much better than meal both under the maintenance, and on safety for a figure.


Stress – one of the most artful enemies of a harmonious figure. After all, in a condition of stress our mood spoils, we run into melancholy, we lose the control over the will and we start to absorb cakes and chocolate, which are quickly postponed on our waists and hips.

When it seems that on a scene of your life the real drama is played, simply look away from a scene — distract. Stroke a cat, tinker with colors, call the best girlfriend. All dramas pass, and the life proceeds.

Don’t think only about food; try to involve yourself with some new hobby. You will see, that if you will have less free time, your figure will be better. Your time will be occupied with other things and you will think about food not so often.

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And do not forget that nowadays we are living in the world where knowledge makes life easier.

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