Losing 10 Pounds In 5 Weeks: How Many Calories Do You Need To Cut?

In the case you are going to lose weight or wanted to lose weight, how many calories do you need to cut to lose 10 pounds in 5 weeks?

Isn’t a question to think over?

Research says, if you wanted to lose pounds you must be careful with your diet and especially about calories you take in a day. It is better to lessen your calorie consumption in a short period of time. One pound is equal to 3500 calories.

Let’s consider the case, you diminish your calorie consumption for 500 in a day, you will be expected to lose 2 pounds in 2 weeks. In the case you will burn down 500 calories a day with the exercises you will be able to lose about a pound per week. In the ideal situation, you need a mixture of both.

Your fat loss will vary depending on the week and sometimes you could even gain a small amount of the fat – in the case of exercising you would be increasing muscles which usually weight more than fat.

A proper weight loss target must be to lose about two pounds a week. Losing more than two pounds per week will be stressful for your body and it will not be in a natural way. Your daily calorie consumption has not been less than 1200 without any medical direction.

With need estimation, you need to follow the way of diminishing those 250 calories a day – the soda that you used to drink, the milk that you used to have with your cereal, and the butter that you used to have on your toast during the breakfast.

Implementing such small changes in your meal habits will really resume in the long run.

It is nice to verify the calorie content of the meals you recorded in your food diary. You need to be focused on your meals – in the case, your portions consisted of two servings, for sure you need to double the calories. Try to use the measuring scale to measure your portions until you become skilled at observation them.

After that you have to separate meals you can go without altogether, diminish your portions or just replace them with those meals that have a lower level of calories.

It is much easier to do than you may think. You have to take it one meal at a time or possibly one food at a time and then one day at a time.

Next time you should to replace your traditional milk with the reduced fat milk, try to use the diet coke instead of the regular. In some days you may change wheat bread instead of white.

Also for the killing of the remaining 250 calories, you have to be more active. It is very good to walk as more as possible. For an instant, you may walk to the shop instead of using public transport. Also, it is essential to make some exercises in the morning and in the evening.

Many people who have problems with weight wonder if it is realistic to lose 10 pounds. At first sight, it looks like the answer should obviously be, “Surely it is possible to lose 10 pounds!” But this is not so easy, especially if we are talking about to lose 10 pounds permanently.

That is why if you are properly armed with the information in your topic you can be sure that you will, in any case, find the way out from any bad situation.