List of Cardio Exercises: 10 Fun Workouts 

There are many ways to keep your heart healthy and stay active all the time. But every time we think of any cardio exercise, it comes to our mind that probably it is going to be some heavy exercise that one is supposed to do. But that’s another myth. You can also go with some light and fun workouts that can also act as good cardio exercise.

Here are a few lists of Cardio Exercises


Needless to say, dancing one of the fun activities that can make you enjoy while also getting your cardio health. Profoundly, there are few categories of dancing such as Zumba that is extremely fun to practice and also serve as a fun workout that can help you burn your calories and also keep your heart healthy. Dancing rejuvenates your mood but also makes you feel much happier.

Skipping rope

Another healthy option if you want to have some cardio exercises and a fun workout altogether. While making jumps and counting on the steps, you get to involve in increased heartbeat activities. The best part about this exercise is that it is extremely easy to practice. Just hold your rope, turn on your favorite playlist and jump up to its beat!
It is a fun activity that you will love to do repeatedly!


Swimming is another healthy option to go if you are looking for some good cardio exercise and also a fun activity with a low impact form of cardio. It is one of the greatest activity to speed up your heart rate and also keeping in mind the production of your joints. With people who do not know how to swim they can also take the help of a kickboard and to several flaps.

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Light sports activity

Even if you are not much into sports activities and do not consider yourself as literally a sports person, you can still enjoy this activity. There are several adult sports league available out there as the main motive of such leagues is simply to have fun and stay healthy. You can also scan and look for non-competitive leagues where you can out of the competition zone and just enjoy.

Power walking

Another pretty obvious activity to be included in the list of best cardio workouts!
This one is the simplest as you do not need any kind of equipment for a special follow-up plan to do this. All you need to have is some free time to spend on power working to have the benefits of this type of cardio. You can also use a treadmill in case the weather isn’t suitable. 


Sounds fun… right?
Well, it is. If you have a trampoline in your home garden or backyard, that’s all you need apart from the will to do so!

Jumping and playing on this is not just fun but good for your heart too. In case you can’t arrange a big one, you can also go with a compact trampoline and place it in your nearby area for more convenience and keeping things arranged.


One of the simplest way to rejuvenate yourself internally and externally. In case you are a nature lover and love to roam around the outdoors, this is just the best option for you. You can have a good hiking session with your mates or even going solo isn’t a bad option. You can call it as a ticket to your heart’s health as it not just cardiovascular impulse but keeps your mind fresh.

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Don’t get shocked if you are reading this here. Wondering as if walking too can be counted as a cardiovascular workout. Probably, this is one of the simplest activity that you can count among the cardiovascular exercises that can keep your heart healthy and help in refreshing your mind all over again and again. Even a 10-minute walk can help in improving your heart health even experienced exercisers believe that walking is beneficial.

Climbing Stairs

One of the most common and simple activities you might be doing in your daily life is walking up and down on stairs. Fortunately, this can be included in the list of best and simplest cardiovascular activities that can help in keeping your heart healthy and your body sweating. Believe it or not but taking even 20-30 steps every day can bring a huge amount of improvement in your overall cardiovascular health.


Last but not least, hair we are with the last category of the best cardiovascular activities that are fun to practice and also keep you healthy. It’s quite simple and easy to fit in this type of cardio into your day. To those who do not know cycling, you can also use treadmills for the stationary bike and practice over that.
Cycling is one of the best ways to keep your heart healthy.