How to extend the credit line of my card?

Credit cards are a widely accepted instrument today, despite their implications in terms of interest and payment commitments, which sometimes tend to significantly compromise the budget of credit card holders. Its facility to “rent money” allows you to make use of it in case you do not have enough money at a certain time. You must bear in mind that credit cards are non-transferable and have your associated personal data, their use deserves the accompaniment of your signature in most cases.

How to extend the credit line of my card?

The mere fact of having a credit card (TDC) implies complying with some collections and credit information approved by a bank, of course that the limit of the card will depend on the payment capacity that one has.

On the other hand, if you intend to request an increase in the credit card limit, you should consider that in the same way the monthly payments to be canceled can increase. In fact, it is recommended that the applicant’s income has improved with respect to his initial condition or, failing that, he has less debt than at the time of approval of his credit card.

How to Increase the Credit Card Limit?

If it is your wish to increase the limit of your credit card, we leave the following steps for you to take into account, these steps have to do with part of your financial situation and the process as such that you must process before the bank that issued your card of credit.

Personal Considerations:

  • Have maintained a good payment history during the holding of the card.
  • Have regular consumption and even close to the credit limit.
  • Have a good credit history with respect to any type of loan with banking institutions.
  • Being patient in order to build a good credit history is not achieved overnight.

Banking Procedure:

  • Request through the bank’s page: depending on the credit card issuing entity, you can make the request online through the website, for which you must select the option to increase the TDC credit limit and fill out the data required.
  • Request through the Bank’s App: banks with BBVA have this option and it is similar to the previous point, only it must be accessed from the APP through a mobile device.
  • Request via telephone: once again it depends on the Bank, but it is done through a telephone call to the customer service center of your bank and the pertinent request is made.
  • Face-to-face request: if it is your preference, you can go directly to your bank and talk with the account executives who will give you the advice required to make your request for a limit increase in the TDC.

Finally, having a good credit limit is part of an ideal credit profile for those seeking to qualify for larger loans, as well as facilitating access to promotions and other credit instruments from their bank.