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Rabbit pose or Sasangasana derived from the Sanskrit word. In Sanskrit 

Sasanga is known as the moon, “having the marks of a hare”. It is true that if we look closely towards the moon, we could find a resemblance of rabbit-like shadow, and curved roundness of this pose reflects both moon and rabbit in shape it is also known as Hare pose or hare headstand. This Rabbit pose evokes nostalgia for the childhood memories and Eplayfulness, we feel a deep connection with nature at it’s best and gives you the gentle calmness of bunnies.

Sasangasana yoga pose is suitable for all the yoga practitioners; beginners can also perform this Yogasana pretty smoothly after a few tries and warm up. This asana holds many benefits; It will take you back to your childhood somehow it also helps in releasing stress. 

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  1. To get into the position, one has to start the asana from Child Pose, firmly hold onto your heels with the hands and pull your forehead in towards the knees with the top of the head on the floor.
  2. while putting pressure on the heels hold onto to them tightly, while inhaling lift your hips up precisely towards the ceiling. Slowly roll onto the crown of the head and press the forehead as close to your knees as possible.
  3. Take a long breathe and hold on for at least 4-8 breaths according to your will.
  4. To release yourself from this pose slowly exhale, and slightly lower your hip to the heels and smoothly slide the forehead back to the floor and come into the child pose.
  5. You can repeat the pose twice or thrice with small breaks according to your comfort level.

How to do Rabbit Pose

Benefits of RABIT POSE YOGA 

Rabbit pose yoga is a natural posture and can be performed majorly by everyone.  Being a prominent yoga pose, it serves tremendous benefits to our body. Some of the significant benefits of this pose are listed below:-

  1. With breathing, it increases body awareness 
  2. It purely calms the mind and relieves tensions around the neck because it is a forward bend pose.
  3. By keeping the hormones in control, it activates the thyroid glands.
  4. Relieves the stress by bringing fresh blood supply to the crown of the head.
  5. It also helps in activating the digestive system.
  6. It helps in keeping the face muscles young and fresh, also reduces stretches.
  7. Loosen the back by reducing the stiffness.
  8. Gives good stretch to arms and shoulders, and provide them strength.

Sasangasana Contraindications

However, rabbit pose is an easy pose and can be performed by anyone, but still, you should keep some essential things to keep in mind before performing this pose.

Following are such precautions that should be kept in mind when practicing rabbit pose, despite being a pure beginner pose.

  • You should avoid rabbit pose if you are suffering from Neck, shoulder, arms, and back injury.
  • Issue related to Spondylitis and Vertigo.
  • Avoid Sasangasana yoga pose if you are suffering from Hypertension or Depression.
  • Women must avoid the pose during Pregnancy.

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