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Yoga is a fantastic way to take care of yourself. Many people are practicing yoga, and thus, yoga is a part of their living. We have many great yoga poses which are offering many benefits to enhance your body and soul. The happy Baby yoga pose is one of the most loved Asanas performed by many people. This Asana is known as ANANDA BALASANA in Sanskrit. It is also known as a dead bug pose by some people. As the name suggests, this pose will help you to feel your childhood. be just like a child with nothing to worry about in the world 


  1. Inhale while lying on your back and bringing both the knees into your chest. Slowly bring the arms from the inside of the knees and hold on to the outside edge of each foot by each hand.
  2. Tuck your chin into the chest with the head on the floor . put pressure on the sacrum and tailbone down into the floor such that you press the heels up and pull back with arms.
  3. Press both the shoulders and the back of the neck down into the floor, trying to get back and the whole spine flat to the floor.
  4. breathe and hold it for around 4-8 breath according to too your comfort level.
  5. To release this pose exhale and release the arms and legs slowly on the floor.

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  1. This pose helps in releasing the low back pain
  2. It lengthens and realigns the spine 
  3. This pose helps to strengthen the legs and opens the hips.


People suffering from any chronic or inflammation to the legs, shoulders, or neck soul avoid doing this pose.


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