Common Problems of Breastfeeding and How to Solve them

Definitely, motherhood is one of the most important and beautiful stages in the whole life of a woman. As far as medical concerns are concerned, it is not at all an easy job to manage and tackle your body problem that might occur during the whole process. 

Is breastfeeding an easy job? 

All those people who have no idea about the process might think that it is not rocket science to do Breastfeeding. But if we look at the medical side breastfeeding feeding is not at all an easy job. Many women might still face some challenges along the way.

Let us have a look at various possible breastfeeding problem that women might face during the process and remedies to all such problems.

10 Common Breastfeeding Problems & Solutions

If the let down becomes overactive!

Sometimes due to overdrive of the working of the inner part, it may get hurt. Some women may feel prickly pins like sensation or an achy feeling. 

Now, what’s the solution to this?

If this feeling of pins and itchy feeling goes beyond normal tingling you need to check out for a breast infection. 

What if the baby sleeps at the breast during breastfeeding?

Babies are mostly sleepy in the initial months. After the first let down the flow of milk is fastest. So when you notice baby sucking getting slowly eyes are getting close then, remove him for a moment and try simulating him. 

What if the case of thrush happens to be?

It is a yeast infection in your baby’s mouth it is Thrush. It can also be spread to your breast. It may cause itchiness, soreness, and even rashes. Now, what is the solution to this? it is advisable to visit a doctor for antifungal medication to put on your nipple and in baby’s mouth. 

Risk of high milk supply!

Sometimes engorgement makes latching difficult. Now if we talk about it’s a solution, then you should try to express by hand a little before feeding control the milk flow. The more you will be, the less there would be chances of your breast getting engorged again in case.

What if the nipples get cracked due to problems?

Due to many factors, you may also face the problem of cracked nipples. If you want to control the situation, you need to check baby’s position right underneath your nipple should be in baby’s mouth. You should also try to do breastfeeding more frequently but in shorter intervals of time.

What if flat nipples happen to be?

In this case, you need to do a simple squeeze test. gently grab your part with your thumb and index finger if your nipple starts to retract you have a problem. Nothing to worry, there’s also a solution. Try using a nipple shield if baby still faces latching problems while breastfeeding.

What if the milk supply remains low?

In case the demand and supply process inclines towards low milk supply, use frequent nursing and hands-on pumping while breastfeeding during the day. This can help you in increasing the milk supply. you can also go for calories increment and force fluids but that won’t work here much effectively.

What if the bacterial infection happens?

This situation is called Mastitis. it is a bacterial infection in your breast with symptoms such as fever and pain in the area. You may face this in the first few weeks after the baby’s birth. To cure this, the only way is of antibiotics, hot compress and regular emptying.

What if the milk didn’t get drain completely?

This situation is called plugged ducts because milk isn’t draining completely here. To cure this situation, it is advisable for you to take proper and adequate rest and also apply warm compresses to do your breast and massage to navigate and stimulate the milk movement. The situation occurs due to stress.

What if latching pain occurs?

This may be the very first problem you might be facing during breastfeeding, you feel your nipples sore and last longing pain. To resolve the problem you should maintain an asymmetrical latching position such that overall position becomes comfortable. Do wear loose clothing material and avoid washing with soap.