Every parent must know about these baby care tips

Baby care tips

A baby’s arrival is a special and overwhelming feeling of joy in the life of every parent. Your newbies are delicate and tender to ambience they come into existence.

It’s essential or rather your utmost concern to protect them from vulnerabilities and climatic adversaries.

It’s quite advisable to start preparing for baby care since he/she is born. Many of you first-time mothers are enthusiastic and thrilled in taking care of their newborns. But it must be a challenging task for most of you as well.

It would be nice if you do some research about the care and upbringing your baby will need in the first year of life.

There is a lot of information you can track down about baby care on internet newspapers magazines or television.

Caregiving reaps a stronger connection in the newborn’s brain that can last to a lifetime. Let us discuss some well-being to be followed for your baby to make you a super-satisfied and care-free parent:

Self Hygiene – baby care tips

You encounter your baby mostly with your hands. So make sure your hands are properly washed and sanitize before touching him. Baby’s clothes should be clean and fresh to avoid infections and allergies before you pick your newbie’s.

Check or Dispatch of Diapers

Newborns are prone to urinating often. Keep on checking your baby s diaper every four hours. If he is crying it may be the sign of wet diaper making him uncomfortable. You should make sure that diapers are clean and moisture free to maintain the health of your baby.

Sterilize bottles and breast bumps

Your baby’s food intake should be healthy. For that respect wash your baby’s feeding bottles and sterilize them at least twice a day. Do the same process with your breast pumps or if possible wash your breast parts before every feed.

Safe Sleep

Assure a safe sleep environment for your baby. Always place your baby to sleep on his back during naps and at the bed. Side sleep is more likely to create an accidental roll on the stomach of your baby. Infants generally take a sleep of about 16 hours.

Timely Feeding

Breast milk is the best food a baby can have. As a new parent, it’s your foremost responsibility to feed your baby every 2-3 hours. Your baby needs enough milk supply to grow and gain weight.

Handling your newborn baby

Infants have a fragile and tender structure. Your baby has a weak and delicate backbone not yet grown. While carrying your baby give support to his head and neck by holding him in your arms. At the time of lying him on the mattress support or hold your baby’s head while carrying him upright.

Baby bath

Your baby actually doesn’t need a daily bath. Frequent diaper changes and a sponge bath with 2-3 weeks of the bath is fine for your baby. A bucket of lukewarm water (not too hot or cold) is recommended for infants. Bathing helps a fussy and crying baby to calm down.

Body Message

Massaging your baby is a great way of bonding with your newborn. The best time to give body massage to your baby is before bath or bedtime. You can use baby oil or moisturizer for massage. Baby massage not only soothes your newborn helping him to sleep but also improves his digestion and blood circulation.

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