Activity Schedule to Follow during Your Laser Eye Surgery

Laser-assisted in Situ Keratomileusis often acronym as LASIK is the procedure of laser vision correction. Being a type of LASER eye surgery, it is efficient in correcting every eye problem such as astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia.

An ophthalmologist makes use of microkeratome and laser for reshaping the cornea of the eye to improve the vision to a great extent. It is considered as long-term substitution of contact lenses and eyeglasses.

To know what to expect from the procedure and activity schedules continue reading this blog. Accordingly prepare to undergo this eye surgery.   

Recommended activity schedule during any vision correcting procedure

The top eye surgeons have given collective effort and devoted much time in this study to discover some prominent activity schedule the time of any vision correction procedures. These will accelerate the healing time so that the patients get recovered from the procedure in much less time. Apart from proper eye healing it will provide a successful recovery with improved vision.

According to the clinical counsellor, following the post-operation instructions is essential despite of the surgery type. The instructions should be followed strictly when it comes to putting on the sunglasses offered to you after surgery.

Any sort of trauma should be avoided for any lens implant surgery including LASIK. Otherwise, there is a high probability of falling out of the implanted artificial contact lenses which has been placed during the surgical procedure.    

Recommended activity post surgery

This section has entailed all the instructions a patient with LASIK eye surgery has to follow starting from the surgical procedure to aftercare (at different periods of time). Let’s check what it compiles from below: 

On the day of surgery:

Once you get back your home, it is necessary to take proper rest so that the eyes can commence healing procedure. For the first couple of hours, your closed ones, friends and family members will be there to incorporate you in every chore.

Due to the high sensitivity of the eyes from operation certain activities should be avoided which can cause irritation, itching, rubbing and poking. Ensure that eye has been kept well lubricated. You must strictly adhere to the following instructions on the day of the surgery: 

  • Avoid driving (even if an eye is operated)
  • Refrain from consumption of alcohol
  • Don’t shower (you can take one without soap). It is better to have a bath prior to the surgery
  • Abstain from reading or watching TV and other screens
  • Don’t rub the eyes. Apply lubricating drops whenever there is an irritating sensation in the eye

After 24 hours of the surgery:

  • Steam room and sauna
  • Lifting moderate-weighted objects
  • Application of facial makeup (excluding eye makeup)
  • Boarding on the flight (it is recommended to keep the eye lubricated by applying eye drops once in every half an hour)
  • Lubricate the eyes well to watch TV and work on the computer
  • Short distance driving can be performed only if you have enough clear vision
  • Low-maintenance activities including commuting to school or office (writing and reading)
  • Shower (without using soap or wetting the eyes with water)

After 3 days of the surgery:

  • Baseball and tennis
  • Salon-tanning and sun-tanning
  • Hair dyeing
  • Waxing eyebrows
  • Relaxing facial muscles especially around the forehead and eyes
  • Put on goggles to swim
  • Gentle playing with toddlers and babies
  • Other outdoor activities like boating, golfing, horseback riding, relaxed bicycling, rollerblading and jogging
  • Non-strenuous exercises such as stationary bike, Stairmaster and treadmill
  • Application of eye makeup (it should be removed gently without touching the operated eye)

After a week of the surgery:

  • Sailing and swimming

Additional activities which can be performed by putting on the eyewear:

  • Squash, badminton and racquetball
  • Mountain biking and dirt biking
  • Snowboarding and skiing
  • Snowmobiling and motorcycling
  • Hockey, football, basketball and soccer
  • Water skiing, surfing, windsurfing and kayaking
  • Waterslides, snorkelling and scuba diving

After a month of the surgery:

  • Bungee jumping and parachuting
  • Mixed martial arts and boxing

After 3 months of the surgery:

  • Mixed martial arts and boxing (discussion with eye care specialist is needed prior to commence these activities)
  • Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Additional activities which can be enjoyed without eye protection:

  • Waterslides
  • Products for growing eyelashes and false eyelashes
  • Soccer, football, badminton, basketball and hockey
  • Snowboarding and skiing
  • Water skiing, kayaking, wind surfing and surfing

These are all you should know about Laser eye surgery offers Near Me. If you have more queries then visit our website to book a free consultation and get the answers of your questions. A team of ophthalmologists are there to assess your eye condition and discuss about the treatment procedures.