7 Signs your Daughter is about to start her Period

Menstruation is when blood from your uterus drips out of your vagina for a few days every month. It starts once you hit puberty usually when you are 11-15 years old. Menstrual pain is responsible for your period every month. It is controlled by hormones, which are regulated during this time. It lasts for 2-7 days but is different for everyone.

But how can you know that your daughter is about to start her menses? Well, we know that puberty brings many changes- physical as well as internal due to the regulating hormones. So can know the arrival of your daughter’s first period by observing the following changes in her.

Changes during puberty:

Weight gain and being tall

Instant weight gain and increase in height mark the start of puberty. During the age of 12-16, the height increases continuously and your daughter may also gain some weight.

Change in breasts

The thumb rule states that she may start her period within 2 years from the time of development in breasts. The nipple area starts to puff out and the breasts may become fuller and rounder. These are called breast buds. It can take 3-4 years in their full development.

Wider Hips

During puberty, your daughter’s hips may get wider. The pelvis begins to grow while the waist gets smaller. In other words, the body starts to take shape.

Oily skin

The oil production in the skin increases at an alarming rate. You can always find oil on your face. This further leads to the occurrence of acne on the face, neck, and back.

Increased sweating

The sweat glands are highly active during this period. The skin releases too much sweat and the body odor also changes due to this. Deodorants and antiperspirants must be used to avoid body odor.

Body Hair

Hair starts to grow under the arms, on the legs and the genital area. These are called pubic hair. At first, it may be soft and thin but later it grows coarser. It may be time to start waxing or shaving.


You may observe yellow or white stains on the undies of your daughter. The vagina secretes a white or clear fluid. It naturally keeps the vagina clean and moisturized. It signals her period a few months away.

Thus these are some signs that may let you know that your daughter is about to start her period. You should be careful of these signs and talk to your daughter about this so that the first ‘Red Spot’ does not scare her right away.

Since you never know when it should arrive hence, you must keep a Period Emergency Kit ready for your daughter. So we at vedyou are here to help you prepare a Period Emergency Kit.

Things to be kept:

 Fresh and clean underwear, since you won’t want to wear stained undies.
 A disposable pad or a tampon, as per choices and comforts either of these should be used.
 Clean wipes, to first cleanse the area to avoid any kind of infections
 Pain reliever, for menstrual pain which may be severe at first.

So be prepared with all these things for your daughter and let her know the nature’s thing for her and never let her be disheartened or demotivated.