7 Gentle Yoga Poses for High Blood Pressure

Just like many other diseases and health problems, high blood pressure comes with its own challenges. But thankfully, there are some great solutions to deal with it. Apart from the medical treatment that you can get on purpose. Yoga is one such cure and there are a few gentle yoga poses for high blood pressure patients.

Let us have a look at few of them –

Bound Angle Pose

  • Bound Angle pose is regarded as one of the best poses for hip openers. It also repairs cardio crunched hips and shares ones.
  • Also known as Baddhakona Asana, this pose stimulates abdominal organs ovaries prostate gland bladder and kidneys. On the other hand, it also stimulates the heart and improves the general circulation processes in the body.
  • While doing bound Angle pose you stretch the inner thighs and knees which leads to better flexibility inside out. It also helps with menstrual discomfort and menopause. So if you want to control the high blood pressure you can try this.

Dolphin pose

  • It can help you in controlling the levels of blood pressure. Whether it is high or low depending upon your health and physique.
  • It strengthens the core arms and legs which also helps in opening the shoulders area. Stay away from this pose in case you are suffering from shoulder, neck injury or knee problems.
  • If in case you are a beginner then slowly try to open your shoulders. Lifting your elbows without creating any kind of rush.

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Bridge pose

  • The perfect choice to go for energizing, rejuvenating or restoring energy in your body. It is also known as Setu bandha asana
  • It is important to slide a block or blaster under your sacrum and rest the pelvis on support. This is in case you face any kind of difficulty in supporting the left of the pelvis area.
  • It helps in calming the brain, delegate stress and mild depression which leads to better blood circulation throughout the body. It also helps you in dealing with high blood pressure issues with the body.

Corpse pose

  • It is an extremely helpful and beneficial way to make blood circulation better and deal with high blood pressure. It is a pose of total relaxation which also makes it challenging on the other side. This pose is also known as Mrtsasana.
  • It is advisable to take two 10 pound sandbags and place it in cross-section parallel to the crease of the ground. It is advisable because it is sometimes difficult to let the heads of the thigh bones lie there.

Downward facing dog

  • It’s one of the world’s most widely recognized and accepted yoga poses. It offers the ultimate level of rejuvenating stress to a body which energizes every corner to the brim. Get a proper feel of the work being carried out by the body. Make a strap around your arms just above your elbows.
  • This aids in balancing the overall requirements. In case you feel difficulty in releasing and opening your shoulders, try to raise your hands off the floor on the seat of a folding chair. It helps in controlling the levels of high blood pressure.
Yoga Poses for high blood pressure

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Hero pose

  • Popularly known as Virasana, it is believed to be a booster for tired legs and a perfect replacement for seated in meditation in case of lotus pose. there are certain modification and props that you need to you take care of.
  • If you feel any kind of a pain in your ankles in this pose, roll a piece of cloth and place it underneath before you go to sit.
  • If you want to deepen the force then try to let go of the knees and raise your hand back to the neutral position without losing the grip of lift.
Yoga Poses for high blood pressure

Reclining hero pose

  • This is another form of Virasana where you take a proper stretch in the thighs and ankle and take it a notch above.
  • Since it is a declining version of the above pose, it is advisable to not to perform this pose until or unless you can comfortably place your buttocks on the floor between the feet. In case your thighs slide in this pose try to bind together with a strap placed around the mid-thighs.
  • In either of the cases, you can draw your inner groins into your pelvis for more comfort.
  • It is to be noted that in case you suffer from any kind of serious back, knee or ankle problems, it is better to avoid this pose until or unless you are doing it all under the guidance and assistance of an experienced and expert instructor.
  • Other therapeutic applications of reclined hero pose are arthritis, asthma, diarrhea, headache, infertility, insomnia and other diseases apart from high blood pressure. it is also known to comfort you in menstruation time and also caring intestinal gas and acidity. It also releases the symptoms of menstrual pain and relieves tired leg. Of course, it is a bliss for people who suffer from high blood pressure.
Yoga Poses for high blood pressure

These yoga poses for high blood pressure patients are going to help them deal with their condition properly. It will also help to keep their blood circulation under control.