Puberty facts: 10 things that your child needs to know about puberty

Many of us stay concerned about our children and the ideal parenting that we are supposed to do to them. But is it all that easy to implant that sensitivity in them? Of course!

All you need to do is have all the patience and try to build that understanding between you and your child.

Especially, when it comes to guiding them through a rough stage like puberty. It is important for them to know everything beforehand. This is not just important from a personal perspective but from the perspective of society as a whole. They should be well versed with the challenges that puberty will bring with it and the subsequent impact on them. Puberty is a stage of life, is a multidimensional concept that brings a larger amount of multifaceted changes in a child. They just don’t start experiencing physical changes in them, but emotional as well as psychological changes as well. 

To have a better understanding of these things that a child should be made to learn, let us now look at Top 10 facts about puberty that your child should know beforehand –

Physical and Emotional changes ahead

At this time, it’s not just the body that goes through some major changes but emotions too may burst or stay bottled. Apart from the physical changes that the kid is going through, emotion management is something that should be taught sensitively and carefully. Most small things do matter here.

The need to stay and accept the normality

It’s pretty obvious for a kid to feel awkward in a million ways. Not everyone is the same and this should be taught to them with all the love and care. Teach them that they’re not the only one going through all this. Their friends (other kids of their age) are too through this. So it’s all okay!

Reproductive capacities start here

Puberty makes a lot more than the difference in one’s body our body becomes biologically capable of producing a baby. The exact thing should be taught with proper sensitivity and should be made understood to them that if this time they go through any sexual intercourse, they might produce a baby!  Teach them that of course there is nothing wrong, still, they need to grow a lot and reach the proper stage first.

The process is gradual

This is another minor yet important thing that matters and the exact thing should be made understood to the kid. It should be brought into their knowledge that everything they are going through is a gradual process and will happen with its pace.  Every time they encounter a change, guide them through it. Explain to them why it is happening and how to manage such a situation. 

 It happens to everyone

Tell them that they are not the only one to go through this. Their friends are also undergoing through the same (or might soon if not yet !). Irrespective of their gender. Make them ready enough to accept these differences and respect them equally with all the gratitude.

Not the same for everyone

It doesn’t necessarily happen at the same time to everyone. It is equally important for a child to understand this pace. Some kids attain puberty much earlier while some have it much later. It’s a sensitive thing and should be dealt with proper attention.

Changes happen with their own pace

It is quite natural and obvious for a kid to feel the sudden rush once they attain puberty. They might even get uncomfortable if they notice their bodies getting change more quickly or slowly. Their friends might have already attained the signs while they might still leg behind. Tell them to be comfortable.

Changes can’t be controlled

Everyone is different in many aspects and that’s absolutely okay to have. Our bodies do differ in many ways. Not just anatomically but overall as well. Teach them the same thing that can be really beneficiary to help themselves grow into a much more mature person. It gets much important to implant the same consistency in them.

They might see things differently

Once puberty is attained, they might start experiencing sexual feelings which are perfectly normal and obvious. They might even see everyone around them in a different light. In such a situation, they should be taught about managing their emotions and feelings. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this but still, they should be taught this.

Education is important anyway

In order to lead a mature and sorted life in future, it is important for a kid to understand and know everything beforehand