Yoga Routine For Bloating & Digestion

Often, after having a heavy meal or no meal at all, gases develop in our stomach. This gas causes us a lot of discomfort, such as bloating, IBS, etc. If you need a quick and helpful solution to ease this gas, check out some of the yoga routines mentioned in this article. 

Full Wind Pose

This gentle sequence for digestion and bloating will start on our backs.

  • Pull both knees in for full wind pose or ‘Aapasana’. 
  • Just hold your legs. 
  • Don’t try to force them into your chest; instead, relax and feel your lower back release. 
  • The breath used in this routine is a belly breath. So as you inhale through your nose, feel your belly expand and push out. 
  • Then as you exhale through your nose, feel your belly contract and fall. 
  • Breathing this way within each posture will help massage your organs, move blockages, and relax you physically and mentally, as your digestive process can fire up.

Half Wind Pose

  • Extend your left leg down on the mat, and hold on to your right chin.
  • Maintain your belly breath and allow everything else to relax, from your toes to your eyebrows. 
  • Pull your left knee back in and switch sides. 
  • Extend your right leg down on the mat, and again, this is a gentle pose, so not much effort is needed. 
  • Focus on your belly breath and relaxation. 

The Fetal Pose

  • Pull both knees in, settle into your lower back. 
  • Then gently roll over onto your left side into a fetal position. 
  • Keep your knees tucked in close. 
  • For a gentle but efficient twist, reach your right arm up, and open your chest and shoulders to your right. 
  • Allow your right arm and possibly your shoulder to rest on the mat. 
  • Try your belly breath here for optimal cleansing and rinsing. 
  • To undo your twist, just curl up on your left side again. 
  • Keep your knees tucked in, roll onto your back, then onto your right side into a fetal position. 
  • Reach your left arm up and open your chest and rest your left arm, and maybe the shoulder on the ground behind you. 
  • Relax everything and force nothing, neither negative thoughts nor negative energy. 

The Sit Up And Cave Pose

  • Curl up on your right side into a fetal position, then use your top hand to press up to be seated on your mat into a seated position. 
  • Just cross at the ankles. 
  • Place your hands on your knees and inhale as you gently lift your heart and chin, then exhale to tuck your chin and cave the chest. 
  • Again, inhale to open the chest and belly, and exhale to close the chest and belly. 
  • Just one more time, inhale, lift, and open. 
  • Exhale, cave and close

These four poses will ensure that your body releases all the built-up gas that’s in your body. It also eases the digestion process to a great extent