Why is dental insurance recommended?

Oral health is one of the most forgotten when we take care of our health. This may imply that when faced with a problem, the solution is not only painful for the mouth but also for the pocket.

After being taught to brush their teeth as children, many adults pay no more attention to their oral health . With a brushing after each meal and the use of dental floss they think that it is enough to have a healthy mouth. When problems and pain appear in the teeth and gums, we not only suffer them physically, they are also treatments that can hurt a lot in the pocket if you do not have good dental insurance.

Reasons to have dental insurance

Take care of oral health it is easier than it seems if you know how to do it. But in Spain, in a country where Social Security makes it free to attend a consultation, any payment that has to be made in a specialized consultation, such as that of the dentist, seems like a high expenseand unaffordable. For this reason, we delay and avoid the periodic visit to the dentist so that during the review they inform us of our oral health status and advise us on how to improve it. The ignorance of a problem in such a delicate area can lead to long, tedious and expensive visits that can be avoided if we have dental insurance.

Dental insurance usually includes free minimum services that represent a great saving when we are treating our mouth:

  • Extractions.
  • Oral cleanings.
  • The fluoridations.
  • Checkups and diagnostic tests, such as X-rays, can be a huge expense if you don’t have insurance.

If we are already covered by dental insurance, it is most likely that  it will not cost us to go to the dentist periodically to perform cleanings and reviews . Therefore, dental insurance is first and foremost prevention. If we use their services wisely, we will be able to avoid more serious and costly ailments.

In addition, dental insurance has discounts to be able to perform both medical and aesthetic treatments. For example, placing teeth with orthodontics, replacing teeth with implants and veneers can be very expensive in a clinic that you go to without insurance. On the other hand, having a policy can save up to 4 times greater in your pocket.

Fortunately, many policies can cover the whole family , so that, for a small price, the smallest of the house will be covered and can benefit from all the services as much as the adults. Undoubtedly, during childhood is when more ailments appear such as cavities or the need for orthodontics and this can involve a constant expense that would be much more bearable with good dental insurance.

No preconditions

Many health insurances are characterized by having a series of prerequisites to meet at the health level. Existing illnesses or ailments can increase the policy or even deny it. This is not the case with dental insurance. They can be hired at any time and used from day one and throughout the year. If you start with a specific treatment, you don’t have to stop there. You will be able to go to the necessary reviews and carry out the necessary cleanings without affecting your dental insurance, because the most important thing is always health.