What to do about Contraception after giving Birth

Once the newborn happens, there are still a lot of options regarding contraception that are available to you. Contraception after giving birth is a major question for many women. Yes, it is still possible to become pregnant again after giving birth to a baby. Even if you continue with your breastfeeding and your periods are not back. Normally, a single egg is released around 2 weeks before your Menstrual cycle. This is probably the only reason why it is still possible to get pregnant before you have your Menstrual cycle.

It is really important to know everything about contraception from the very start. In case you had your baby recently, you must have probably discussed everything with your family planning advisor. Plus, you should also ask everything about contraception from your health advisor or your local contraception clinic. Not all the methods of contraception are safe for all women. You are not supposed to use methods in case your medical condition is different from what the normal situation is.

At any specific point of time after birth, you can go for the contraceptive implant, injection and progesterone pills, in case you have no medical risks around you. It is important to know that the intrauterine devices are 99% effective and the same goes with the intrauterine systems as well. These can be used within 48 hours of giving birth. Or else you will usually be advised to wait until 4 to 5 weeks after birth.

Is it ok to continue with breastfeeding even as contraception?

Breastfeeding can also work as a method of birth control by delay in the arrival of your periods but it only works under certain conditions if it is frequent and regular. Plus, it can work as a contraceptive only if your baby is younger than 6 months old, Your periods have not returned and you are especially breastfeeding, whenever it is required.

In case, you have discontinued breastfeeding and your health care professional assures you that you have no medical risk factors, you can start to use the combined pill and vaginal ring including contraceptive patch as these are 99% effective if used correctly.

This should be done around 20 days after childbirth. Apart from this, if you are continuing with breastfeeding or you have health conditions like the risk of blood clotting, then it is seriously advised not to start the combined pill or any other methods till 6 weeks.

An IUD or IUS can preferably be used right after 4 weeks of birth in case it has not been used within 48 hours right after the birth.

If you use a diagram for a cab before becoming pregnant you need to continuously stay in assistance of your professional health advisor of contraception clinic after the birth. It’s to make sure that all the medical conditions are complied to.

Safe methods of contraception if you are breastfeeding –

Normally, several options are available to you that you can use as contraception if you are breastfeeding. This mainly includes –

  • Mini Pills
  • Diaphragms
  • Condoms
  • Contraceptive Injections Implantation Technique
  • Intrauterine Devices
  • Permanent Sterilization Methods

There are two options that are available and are safe to use (emergency contraception method)-

We also call Levonorgestrel Emergency Contraceptive pills as ‘Morning After Pill’.
Copper IUD (highly effective if used within 5 days of having unprotected intercourse)

Going for contraception after giving birth

While taking your decision about what contraception method is best, you need to know the following things with perfect clarity in your mind –

  • The methods that are available as per your needs
  • They work and how well they can perform if used ideally or as recommended.
  • What possible methods can suit your lifestyle and physical conditions
  • The possible period after which you can start using the contraceptive methods. You should know whether you can start using them right after birth or after a certain duration.
  • How you and your respective partner can handle the responsibility for contraception
  • Side-effects (if any)

Some popular methods of contraception

There are a number of contraception methods that under certain medical or clinical concentration, can work preferably well for you. This includes mini-pills, female condom, male condom, diaphragms, contraceptive injections. Contraceptive skin implant treatments and intrauterine devices also prevent you from conceiving.

However, there are many other natural methods of contraception that work really well. These methods of contraception depend entirely on the detection of signs and symptoms of fertility. This is the main reason why it’s difficult to use contraception after giving birth and after breastfeeding happens. Hence, high failure rate and possibilities are often associated with this method of contraception.