What Should Women Know About Masturbation?

There are a lot of myths regarding masturbation that are spread in the minds of both men and women across the world. masturbation is a completely safe and healthy practice no matter if it is being practiced by men or women.

What are the different types of masturbation?

Orgasm typeType of masturbation
ClitoralThe clitoris is a very sensitive private organ in the human body. Many people use fingers to play with their clitoris organ for pleasure. There are other things too, which bring pleasure the same as fingers bring like vibrators and sex toys.
VaginalIn Vaginal masturbation, people use fingers or sex toys to stimulate the vagina hole during solo play. Vaginal masturbation brings greate joy and you feel a tingly sensation in your body.
AnalAnal masturbation confused many people and thought to be unnatural but it’s completely safe. You can use fingers or sex toys to penetrate your anal part.
ComboCombo masturbation is playing with both vagina and clitoris. However, this one depends on personal preference. one can use fingers or sex toys to bring pleasure and sensation in the body. Stimulating G-spot and vagina at the same time lead to ejaculation and ultimate pleasure which you never feel before.

Some important points need to be considered by women while masturbating so that the whole thing can be carried on with proper faith and knowledge!

Let us now have a look at the points below –

It is good and healthy

  • The very first thing you need to consider and understand is that masturbation has nothing to do with any of the possible side effects that it is commonly perceived as the initiator for.
  • It is a very natural process that it is completely safe and reliable for people do not want to go through sexual intercourse with a partner or simply want to enjoy themselves.
  • Masturbation is considered to be a healthy practice especially for the beginners who know nothing about sexual intercourse and want to have a beforehand experience of how things go and what will they need during sex.
  • It also releases stress and makes you feel calm and composed.
  • It increases the blood flow throughout your body and releases healthy feel-good brain chemical named endorphins.

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It improves your sex life

  • Masturbation has several health benefits on your body physically and mentally as well.
  • The associated benefits are necessary to have beforehand and to ensure a perfectly matured and ready mindset to go through sexual intercourse with your partner.
  • As long as you are comfortable with yourself you can easily and smoothly go with the flow during the sex with your partner. having a beforehand experience of how things can probably go, can benefit a lot when the right time comes.
  • People who masturbate are much more sexually comfortable and confident in themselves as they are aware of their needs and tendencies.
  • Moreover, it keeps you in touch with your desire and opens you up to the chance you get to know about your own body and its requirements.
  • It is a private and stress-free way to try different types of touch and pressures to get self pleasured.

It eases post-menopause sex problems

  • Being a woman, it is really important to know about your body and the related aspects so that proper precautions can be taken on time in case of complications.
  • A woman’s body is a home of complications that needs special care and treatment with all the sensitivity and expertise.
  • Menopause is one such stage the life of women that completely transforms her body and reproductive systems.
  • Most of the times you must have heard about the cases where the females experience some drastic changes in them during menopause. this happens because of the duration of the period that remains between the two stages. in such a situation masturbation can help you a lot.
  • According, to a research it has been found that the vagina becomes narrow that makes intercourse in vaginal tests more painful.
  • At the same time, masturbation with a water-based lubricant can help in preventing the narrowing, release some tissue and moisture problems increasing sexual desire.

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It has to be slow!

  • Another important thing or let’s say a fact about masturbation that females should know is, of course, the one we are going to discuss here. This may sound a bit obvious to your senses but is often neglected or kept aside from pivot point of focus.
  • The female body is much more complicated and sensitive that in comparison to males. The reproductive part and private organs need much care and sensitivity when they are taken into consideration.
  • Most of the times you must have heard that masturbation is not just a quick experience for most people.
  • Striking things directly on reality can make you realize that it is okay! Rushing to get pleasure or focusing too much on orgasm can make it less enjoyable instead!
  • So try to make it a gradual and slow process that you can give yourself time to touch all parts of your body or try different positions!

You can use toys!

  • Sounds a bit trendy… right? Well, this is not the first time you must be hearing about sex toys. It is more often used to feel the new needs of varied pleasures.
  • You might feel about how to maximize pleasure. in such a situation when the need and requirements are equal, things may get a lot changed. Here sex toys can help you in dealing with the situation!
  • According to a recent survey, nearly half of the women between the ages of 18 and 60 have used a sex toy like dildo or vibrator while masturbating to make the experience more lively and real for purpose.
  • So if in case, in the middle term you start feeling the trouble in reaching the orgasm and want to achieve a climax, a vibrator is recommended is can help you in stimulating the nerve endings. You need not worry whether it will lead to intercourse problem later on.