What is the Difference Between Ointment and Balm?

Whenever you feel dry lips, dryness, and irritation on the skin, then ointments, balms, lotion, creams, and salves are the best option to get rid of all these issues. Choosing appropriate things for your skin dryness and irritation is a little bit confusing. Ointment and balm are considered same sometimes.


Are the balms and ointments the same? Do they have different textures and ingredients? Are they used for the same reasons? We’re going to break down the distinctions between ointments and balms. That, how they work and how they are different from each other. Have a look!

1. Ointments

An Ointment is a semi-solid cream that usually consists of 80% oils and 20% water to provide the skin with a barrier that avoids moisture loss. An ointment may be medicated or maybe not. They are used as emollients or for preventive or medicinal purposes to add active ingredients such as herbal infusions, tinctures, or medicines to the skin.

As the lower percentage of water content avoids unnecessary evaporation, ointments facilitate the slower distribution of active ingredients.

Of all skin items, the maximum oil content is present in ointments. Instead of being absorbed instantly, they intend to have an occlusive effect, which means they sit on top of the skin. This provides further protection against lack of moisture and components like dry air. Mineral oil and petroleum are typical ingredients used in ointment production.

2. Balm

A balm is structured to rest on top of the skin, not to absorb in the skin. It is created to target various parts of the body or to cure various skin issues like dryness. It is also called liniment. 

Traditionally, a balm is a medicated topical preparation to be added to the scalp. If you want to experience the benefits of balm then try our CBD balm to get miraculous results.

Somewhere similar to a lotion and a cream or an ointment is the viscosity of a balm. A balm must be rubbed or massaged on the skin for proper application.

Most balms are sold to relieve stiffness and stress, such as sore muscles.  Balms are usually based on plant oils and wax that are used to cure or soothe the scalp. They are smoother than creams and lotions, and they do not contain water.

Balms can have consistency between a heavy liquid and a solid. Balms have excellent protection to nourish your skin because they use butter from nuts and fruits, plant oils, and waxes such as beeswax to cure your skin.

Comparison Between Ointment and Balm

On the other hand, balms can address either one particular problem or a handful of issues. You’ll find numerous balms that are supposed to fix dry skin and other issues, such as inflammation, with a thickness close to that of a lotion or cream. Balms may, essentially, have medicinal uses, but not often.

Is Balm an Ointment?

The balm is nearly similar to ointment, but it’s hard to say that balm is precisely like an ointment. The texture of the balm is like that to rest on the skin. It can’t absorb in your skin. For its proper application, you must have to massage it on the skin.

While ointment is semi-solid cream, it provides a barrier to your skin to lock moisture. An ointment is specially used for medical purposes. 

In common, both are used for dryness issues. However, most balms are used to cure stiffness and stress. If you have muscle stress issues, then some medicated balms help you heal muscle pain.

Contrary, an ointment is mainly used for dryness issues.

Which one is Better? Balm or Ointment?

While the choice between using an ointment and balm is personal preference or mainly depends on your issues. But, my personal opinion is a balm. Why?

Balms are suitable for excessively dry areas such as the hands, joint spaces, or the heels and feet due to their thicker, relaxing consistency.

To heal the skin, a balm is usually applied to the hands and feet and covered with cotton socks or gloves, particularly at night. Balms also do not contain caffeine, which dries the skins out.

That said, choosing a formula that works with your skin type and your tastes is the secret to skin repair and maintenance.

We conclude that ointment and balm both have their benefits. They both help us in different ways. Every decent balm, moisturizer, or lotion can now have ample nourishment & protection for your skin.

In the beauty industry, there are too many brands and items to choose from. Make sure to take your time to find the best one for your face.