What is Sex Education — Good or Bad?

The topic itself must have intrigued your mind as to what our discussion is going to be based upon. Sex education is something that is slowly becoming a dying need this civilized society still needs to learn much about. Even in our homes, we can see our adults and parents switching off from topics. They feel it is inappropriate to discuss it in front of their children. Sex education still needs to be accepted as a necessity in a world where awareness is still required.

Of course, sex education is good in many ways. It caters to a larger number of benefits reflecting upon the positive impact it can create over us. Let us have a look at few of them –

Essential to spread awareness 

In the modern era, it has become a dying need to understand and spread awareness regarding sex education. The need is not just for young adults but for everyone in society. It helps to understand the diversification in gender differences and the impact of the same in our daily lives. On the other hand, it also opens up people towards the perspective they usually have for sex and related issues, thus broadening their knowledge horizons.

Clear up the myths 

Now, this is another great advantage of sex education. A larger section of our society is filled with people who have vague knowledge, wrong perspective and baseless myths regarding sex. They are devoid of proper knowledge and awareness regarding the reality and dimensions of sex and related issues. In such a scenario, proper and authentic information should be spread around. It is important on a wider scale and to open up people’s minds for it.

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To understand and respect gender differences

Sex education has its own importance and relevance in today’s era. We as a civilized society should know, understand and respect the gender differences. Not only on the surface level but from the core of our values as well. Proper awareness regarding sex education can possibly bring out hesitation among people. Also, the same orthodox perspectives can be made to accept gender differences. This multidimensional approach can improve the situation.

Sexual abuse can be possibly prevented 

This positive change might get a bit difficult and vague to implement. Mostly in the current scenario where sexual abuse has become such a common thing to hear. An educated and civilized mind can never do or let such nuisance happen around. This assurance cannot be made with all due permanence. But education about sex and its impact on us can possibly bring harmony. Positive should always be embraced.

Prevent misleading from other unauthentic resources 

It is quite rare to hear about the authenticity and reliability of sex education. Most sources often fail to spread correct and practical knowledge to everyone. Of course, we are surrounded by innumerable resources that can make us aware of our sexuality and facts. Resources that are available today may sometimes provide us with irrelevant and unsuitable information. This may even slip out of our ways and might even mislead us at times.

Teenage pregnancy can be curbed 

This is another sensitive issue that needs due attention and needs to be tackled with proper knowledge and awareness. Misleading thoughts and the absence of proper guidance and support often lead to such incidents in teenagers. Later, it becomes a big problem and a real issue. With proper sex education, teenagers can be guided and made aware of the consequences of taking these things lightly. Also, how they may get problematic.

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Transforming teenagers into responsible adults

When young minds are made aware of their bodies, they are less likely to take steps in the wrong direction. Education has the capacity to move minds in the right direction. It can also embed the sense of responsibility to mold them into sensible mindsets. When a young mind is aware of such a sensitive issue, it’s easier to pave a better and safer way for the upcoming generations.

Prevent critical disease

Be it of any kind, education always brings awareness about the subject concerned. Along with the positive sides, the dark side always gets highlighted. Due to this, it gets easy to stay alert of all the possible tragedies. In the same way, sex education can make people aware of all the diseases and infections that may occur due to the practice of unsafe sex. Also, awareness about some extremely hazardous possibilities can be easily spread out to people.