How to do Upauishta Konasana, Seated Angle Pose, benefits

Benefits of Upauishta Konasana

Upauishta Konasana is a profound inner thigh stretch, the hamstrings are also affected as well as the groin area. This posture also promotes a sense of balance and control. If you find it hard to straighten your legs or, if you tip over, don’t be discouraged try again.

How to do Upauishta Konasana

Upauishta Konasana

  • Sit with your legs extended in front of you, grab your ankles, bend your knees and turn the soles of your feet together, press down gently on the knees.
  • Now sit up straight and gaze upwards, pull up with your chin to help elongate the spine.
  • Inhale then exhale as you gently lean forward, leading with your chin drop the head forward and round the back. Now exhale completely, breathing softly through the nose.
  • Hold for a few breaths. On the Inhalation lift your head and gently return to the seated position.
  • Bring the feet into the groin, hold on to the big toes. Inhale, then exhale and lift one leg up and out to the side, hold on to the toe and pull the toe towards you, Exhale completely, then breath abdominally. Hold for a few breaths.
    Inhale, then exhale and bend the knee and bring the heel back into the groin.
  • Sit up straight, check the spine, keep your chin up.
  • Repeat the same cycle with the other leg. Then extend the legs keeping the souls of the feet together.
  • Follow this with another forward bend, Then end the series by bringing the heels up to the groin, sitting up straight, holding your chin up.
  • Hold on to both toes as you lean back a little, inhale, then exhale as you lift both legs out to the side keep the toes at chin level, hold on to the toes and pull them towards you, exhale completely and balance on the buttocks.
  • Breath abdominally, hold for several breaths. keep the spine straight and gaze up. inhale then exhale bend the knees, return the heels to the groin and sit up. Repeat the whole cycle three or four times.

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