Things to ensure before sex (Health tips)

Prerequisite planning is something that should never be missed out. Especially when it comes to your private life, extra care should be taken care of all the things that can make a difference. Well then, how about sex? Of course, there are some important things to be taken care of to have a quality time –

Have a conversation – Before getting started with anything else make sure to have a proper conversation with your partner regarding sex. Try to set the compatibility by asking questions like What do you both need from each other in bed? Communication plays an important role here because if you won’t be able to figure it out what the needs, are you simply won’t be able to satisfy the needs. Initiate making each other comfortable through conversation as much as possible.

Eat Healthily – Now this type may not resonate much with your senses right now as the topic is much different. studies show that it’s important to treat your body right with proper nutrition to help the whole body in maintaining the balance while going through sexual intercourse. In men, the libido levels should be appropriate to make things right.

Exercise – Yes, you got that right. Apart from various other factors, it is equally important to ensure that your body is physically ready to go through intercourse. exercising makes the physical aspects of sex even more enjoyable and refreshing. It is advisable not to go for heavy exercises but normal stretching and light ones that help your body to rejuvenate the entire system and make it ready for intercourse.

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Plan the entire thing including protection – Now this is a multidimensional thing. You and your partner may be planning intercourse to conceive a baby or just to have pleasure. If your partner wants to conceive a baby it is advisable to take proper prerequisites steps. or else if that is not the case, it is required to take care of proper hygiene and use proper protection to avoid pregnancy.

Compliment each other – In a bid to make each other even more comfortable in terms of feelings and comfort, complement each other’s body as much as possible with all the honesty and love. Make sure your partner does not get much low in spirits. Even if the situation gets much, try to cheer him/her every time they feel down. Compatibility, understanding, and equality make it all easy for both.

Focus on relaxation – Yes, to make sure things go smooth and pleasurable, it is important to relax properly. Excitement has its own importance in intercourse but proper relaxation before sex is important to boost up your spirits at the right time. This is really important to improve your sex life.

Let your partner take the lead – Most often it has been noticed that men are dominant in bed where is women stay reasonably quiet and silent. But this may not be the case every time and with everyone. Talk to your partner and finalize together who wants to take the lead and initiate the movements first. Never compromise with comfort and understanding between each other as sex is not just about intimacy but emotions as well. Do allow your mate to initiate sexual pleasure even on occasions and positions.

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Foreplay – Now here comes the most important thing to be remembered in your mind when you plan sex. Getting started straight away with movements is not an ideal thing and may even lead to further discomforts. try to establish the compatibility and start by doing foreplay, touching smoothly, kissing your partner to get started properly and slowly to assure maximum pleasure. It is also important to gear up the strength of orgasm.

Change the locations – Yes, that’s indeed a great idea. Bringing variations in your sex life can be an entirely new and amazing experience for you and your partner. Try to switch locations to add variety and improve your sex life. Do it at different places to experience new and different energies. You may also prefer outdoors to resonate with the natural rhythm to desire according to your preferences.

Make the aura – Most importantly and foremost, try to make the outer arrangements pleasing and appealing. You can arrange scents, suitable music and other things that can add more beauty to your environment and help in beautifying the aura and mood.

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