Smoking: Easy-to-do Tips to Give it Up Once and For All

Smoking results in around 500,000 deaths in the US annually. This addiction is quite powerful and not easy to give up. Tobacco cravings when you’re trying to give up smoking can make you relapse. It’s challenging to let go of this habit but there are many ways you can employ to do so. Starting watching movies or TV shows to keep yourself engaged and busy. Check out Spectrum offers a good reason to subscribe to a good TV and internet package. Another idea is to get a gym membership. You can also enroll in a crash course to keep your thoughts away from smoking. Read below to find out more about how you can quit smoking.

Say Yes to Replacement Therapy

A nicotine replacement therapy can go a long way in ensuring that you easily quit smoking once and for all. During the addiction, you may become a chain smoker and get hooked on nicotine. However, with small portions of prescription nicotine, you can gradually overcome the urges. Once that happens, you can quit smoking once and for all. Short-acting therapies of nicotine replacement can help greatly. Make sure to consult with a physician and ask to use lozenges, nicotine gums, or nasal sprays to suppress nicotine cravings. You can also use them along with nicotine patches or other non-nicotine medications.

To get rid of smoking, another key offering is electronic cigarettes. They are quite good for people who want to give up on nicotine and smoking. However, for pregnant women and youngsters, they are not recommended.

Do Your Best to Avoid Triggers

For any addiction, the worst possible thing during rehabilitation can be a relapse. It will not only make you feel down but also that all the progress has been lost. Therefore, make sure to avoid any triggers that end up making you go back to smoking a cigarette. Try to stay happy and avoid any possible triggers. Avoid friends who smoke and keep at a distance from them. Furthermore, engage yourself in fruitful and productive activities so that your thoughts do not drift to smoking.

Play Mind Tricks on Yourself

Play mind tricks on your own self to avoid relapsing. It may be that you strongly feel the urge or desire to smoke a cigarette. Tell yourself that you’ll smoke after 10 minutes. Go out for a walk or start reading a book. The focus here is to distract yourself from this thought. Hopefully, you will forget about smoking as you begin this activity.

Always Have Something to Chew on Nearby

When you’re having a bad time managing your mood to smoke a cigarette, a good tip is to keep chewing on something. Keep bubble gums with yourself at all times. Candies can do the trick as well. Some nuts in the pocket will also come in handy.

Embrace Daily Physical Activity

Remember that physical activity can allow you to feel better from all the tension that keeping away from smoking will bring you. Note that when you will engage in physical activity, your mind will release endorphins that will calm you down and make you feel good. Endorphins are also known as happiness hormones. Staying happy during the course of your getting-free-from-addiction routine will help you greatly.

Pray and Meditate

Relaxation techniques can be very useful for a successful transition to a smoking-free lifestyle. Make sure to engage in meditation and increase your focus. A great idea is to engage in prayer. Rebuild your connection with God to feel better. Breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, yoga, and even calming sounds can make you feel better.

Take Support from Friends and Family

Reconnect with your friends and family members to make this journey easier for yourself. With that said, your spouse is your best bet for an easy transition to an addiction-free life. Rest assured that your close friends and family members will pour in all their support to help you stay focused and determined. If there’s anything that’s bothering you, speak to them. They will help you get through this difficult phase.

Keep the Benefits in Mind

If at any time, you feel demotivated to stop smoking then you need to revisit this blog and read the following advantages of quitting smoking once again. Once you stop smoking, you will:

  • Feel better about yourself and develop a confident outlook
  • Become healthier and no longer have breathing issues
  • Save your loved ones from becoming passive smokers
  • Utilize your spare time in more constructive activities
  • Lower the risk of lung cancer and heart diseases

Remember that once you stop smoking, you will feel empowered like never before. Feel excited every time you resist the urge to smoke a cigarette and be proud of your determination, focus, and resilience after accomplishing this feat.