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About sitting poses

Yoga has numerous type of asanas with different postures and positions. Each yoga post has it’s own importance and benefits for the human body. Sitting down poses somehow feels a bit easy and comforting to the ears, but somewhere it tends to be supremely tricky too, but apart from the level of difficulty, there are many more things that should be taken in the consideration.

Some of the standard sitting asanas are Sukhasana. Padmasana (Lotus Pose), Vajrasana (Diamond Pose), Child’s Pose (Balasana), Janu Sirshasana (Head to Knee), Paschimottanasana (Forward Bend), Ardha Matsyendrasana, Baddhakonasana (Butterfly Pose). Yoga is a simple word with a world full of complexity and a way to smooth out all the impurity in an individual soul and body.

Different sitting asanas
1. Lotus pose {padmasana}

Padmasana is a Sanskrit word where Padma – Lotus, Asana – Pose
Padmasana is absolute meditative, so it is best if you practice this asana in the early morning with the chirping of birds and soothing wind all around, but there is no such rule to do this asana in the morning only you can happily perform this asana in the evening too. Lotus pose stretches the ankle and the knees. It enhances your focus, and it also helps in mensurational problems and energizes the body. it helps in keeping the gut healthy and keeps the person active throughout.

Padmasana -Yoga

2. Butterfly Pose {Baddha Konasana }

Baddha Konasana is a Sanskrit word where Baddha – Bound, Kona – Angle. Many times we can find cobbler sitting in this asana. Baddha Konasana pretty famous among all age group and easily performed by everyone. The asana also called the Butterfly Pose as the hips are opened and are joined by the feet and the up-down movement completely resembles the wings of a butterfly in motion. Though this asana is extremely simple, still it has lots of benefits.


3. Seer Pose { Bharadvajasana }

Bharadvaja is a Sanskrit word which means – One Of The Seven Legendary Seers. These are some fantastic benefits of the seated twist yoga pose. This asana has many benefits it provides an excellent stretch to the hips, spine, and shoulders. Even beneficial for natural weight loss It soothes the abdominal organs.
Digestion will be improved and will make your gut healthy and also will strengthen your metabolism. This asana cures neck pain, sciatica, and even lower back. Reduction in the anxiety can be seen after performing the asana frequently and correctly. this asana may do wonders for the women at the time of their pregnancy, but consultation of doctor is a basic necessity in such cases, and should always be performed under the eye of an expert.

Seer Pose or Bharadvajasana

4. Seated Forward Bend { Paschimottanasana }

Paschimottanasana is a Sanskrit word where Paschima – West/Back, Uttana – Intense Stretch, this is pretty simple and well-known asana and is a superior hatha yoga pose and exhibits many benefits this pose covers almost every part of the body and is very beneficial for the people who have diabetes and high blood pressure. By giving a nice stretch to the body. the main concentration of this asana is the back of the body it provides a good stretch and flexibility to the back.

Seated Forward Bend

5. Half Lord of Fishes Pose { Ardha Matsyendrasana }

Ardha Matsyendrasana is a Sanskrit word where Ardha = half • Matsyendra = king of the fish (Matsya = fish Indra = ruler), a legendary teacher of yoga.
Half lord of fishes yoga pose may seem to be a different term for a layman, but it is an effective and efficient yoga pose anyone can perform. It is a relaxed yoga pose with numerous benefits and is practiced by yogis for a long time. It is said to be one of the easiest and effect hatha yoga it enhances the flexibility of the backbone, relieves stiffness, cures slipped disc, massages abdominal organs, improves digestion, helps people with diabetes, enhances blood and oxygen circulation, cures a urinary infection, and benefits menstrual disorders.

Half Lord of Fishes Pose

6. Diamond Pose { Vajrasana }

Vajrasana is a Sanskrit word where Vajra – Diamond or Thunderbolt, Asana – Pose diamond pose is one of the most comfortable sitting postures in the whole way of yoga it is a kneeling it is sometimes also known as the Adamantine Pose. Usually, it is the sitting pose of performing almost all the breathing exercises like Pranayama, Kapalabhati, and Anulon Vilom all such activities are done in the diamond pose with regular practice this asana can uproot constipation and work indigestion magically and as we know Better digestion efficiently prevents ulcers and acidity.

Diamond Pose
This may bring peace and relief in the life of the person suffering from any back issues and sciatica as it strengthens the back. This asana strengthens the pelvic muscles too.
Labor pains and mensurational cramps can also be calmed down by this asana is a basic asana with most prominent and beneficial effects. This asana will also be good for the one who wants to go in some meditating stage.

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