Sexuality is an important part of a person’s health, lifestyle, and general well-being, especially for women. Sexual functioning in women is affected by various biological, psychological, spiritual, cultural factors around them. A female’s response to sexual encounters is based on various factors of the environment. However, various studies have found that anatomical and biological changes in females can affect sexual functioning of pregnant women to a great extent.

A proper sexual functioning doesn’t just mean being devoid of sexual dysfunctions. But, it also ensures the mental, physical and overall well-being of both the partners involved. Sex is a taboo in many countries including ours, which makes it difficult to talk about these issues.

In this article, we are going to find out all about sexual functioning in females and how pregnancy affects it.


Pregnancy is an important and delicate phase in women’s lives. Having safe sexual functioning is very important during this phase. Sex during pregnancy is a very normal phenomenon. It’s considered healthy and sometimes, it is required to induce labor during an overdue pregnancy.

Women are found to be most aroused during their third trimester due to the hormonal changes in the body. A woman goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy which is not only physical but also hormonal and psychological. This tends to have an effect on their sexual desires and needs. Their feelings towards sex and sexual activities might tend to change from usual.


Always refer to your OB/GYN before getting into the action. Educate yourself properly about your condition and know what’s best for you in your condition. Sometimes doctors may not prescribe having sex during pregnancy since it can be of high risk for the baby. Anything related to orgasm or sexual arousal for that matter of fact can be harmful. You should not have sex during pregnancy in the following some situations:-

  • A miscarriage has been experienced by you in the past or is likely to experience a miscarriage.
  • You induced labor at a premature state of pregnancy.
  • You experience vaginal bleeding and cramps for no good reason.
  • When there is a situation or chance of multiple births such as twins or triplets.
  • When your cervix opens up in an early stage.


Pregnancy can have many effects on a female’s sex drive and sexual functionings. They can range to a wide variety of changes that occur in their bodies during this phase to affect their sexual functioning. Following are some effects of pregnancy on the sexual functioning of pregnant women:-

  • Women go through a lot of hormonal changes during their pregnancy phase. They are’nt interested in any sexual activities especially during the first and the third trimester.
  • They tend to experience low libido due to fatigue, nausea, sickness and hormonal changes in the body.
  • Women feel aroused by the voluptuous figure and tender breasts during this phase. They become more conscious of their bodies changing and embrace a bigger size.
  • It is important to determine safe sex positions during pregnancy which is best in your condition since some positions can be harmful to the baby’s health.
  • Make sure to have a full record of your partner’s sexual health since pregnancy doesn’t stop diseases like herpes, STD, HIV from spreading and can be seriously harmful to the baby’s health.
  • There is an increased blood flow during the pregnancy phase, which leads to frequent sexual arousals and vaginal lubrication. This phase can be very pleasurable for both partners.
  • Women might even want to stay off the sex due to the discomfort by the growing fetus inside them.


Sexual functioning is an important part of human relationships and in defining an individual’s personality. It has a huge impact on the sexual lives and general lives of the individual. Having safe sexual functioning during pregnancy is very important for every couple. Sexual functioning can be an issue for most of the couple during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester. Hence, both the husband and the wife should seek therapy and consult a gynecologist for healthy sexual functioning.