Running exercise for 30 minutes will bring fantastic change to your body

Key Point: Running exercise for 30 minutes can significantly improve your physical and mental health.

Hello friend, I’m Richard James Brian an active blogger on Vedyou and a Gym trainer in Framingham, MA, USA.

Today I’m going to discuss how running exercise affects your body and improve your physical health.

Studies say that 25-30 minutes of running can improve your physical and mental health.

For better health, you don’t need to spend time in the Gym or pay dollars to the trainers.

30 minutes of exercise will show the benefits almost instantaneously.

What happens in your body when you start running

when you start running your breath and your pulse is high. Your heart rate will be high, your breathing will feel heavy because you are transporting more oxygen into your lungs than usual and your heart pumps more oxygenated blood into your muscles.

your muscles start using ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), energy molecules. Our body stores ATP and glucose in a small amount. But as per the need, our body creates extra ATP with help of oxygen.

Health Benefits of running exercise

Regular running exercise offers many health benefits.

-Daily running exercise helps to build stamina.
-Right body posture
-Reduces Belly Fat
-Keeps Your Heart Healthy
-Tones The Legs
-Aids Weight Loss
-Helps Fight Depression
-Strengthens The Bones And Joints
-Relieves Stress