Reasons Yoga is better than Gym

Do people usually wonder if yoga is better than a gym? Well, we’re going to answer that for you here, stating reasons as well.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a group of physical, mental and spiritual activities or exercises, originating in ancient India. It is a discipline that improves and develops one’s inherent power in a balanced way. Yoga offers a complete way towards self- realization and a means to unite the individual spirit with the universal spirit of God. It also has multiple benefits, physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Yoga has multiple benefits for all people. Physically it improves flexibility, strength, endurance, and balance. On an energetic level, it helps you cope up with the stress level and rejuvenating your body and keeps you active. On a psychological level, it cultivates good thoughts, ideas, and shifts your awareness to your emotions and feelings.

Vedyou has listed below the Reasons Why Yoga is better than Gym:

Benefits you physically, mentally and spiritually:

While gym focuses primarily on improving the body’s physical conditions, on the other hand, yoga not only tones up your body but also infuses you with the positive energy and improves your concentration on the Divine.


Money is a very important factor we should consider these days. As we know Gym fees cut down your pocket, while Yoga doesn’t even cost you a penny. You can any comfortable clothes for practicing Yoga, which may be done at any time. All you need is a Yoga mat or Grass patch or even a carpet will work for it. Thus yoga is better than a gym in this aspect also.

Regulates adrenaline

Yoga regularises the cortisol levels, the hormone secreted during acute crisis. Excessive cortisol is directly linked with depression, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and insulin resistance. It regulates the other hormones also and boosts mood and keeps you healthy. While doing the gym might increase your blood pressure and make you anxious.


Gym during menstruation is a big NO! But Yoga is your savior during those days. The majority of women face a lot of problems before menstruation. Emotional breakdown, physical and emotional troubles are quite common during this period. The practice of yoga will increase the blood flow and may help in relieving these menstrual problems and alleviating the discomfort.

Reduces stress

Yoga is a great stress reliever. It calms the mind and rejuvenates your body. It increases blood circulation and stimulates the nervous system. With reduced stress, your efficiency also increases and you become happy and stress-free. Studies have shown that those people who regularly practice yoga are better able to regulate their heart-rate variability (HRV).

  • This generally means that their heart rate is lower, giving the body the ability to respond to stress in a more flexible way.
  • On the other side, the Gym will not be able to reduce your stress levels. Adding fuel to the fire it might also stress the body muscles if not done properly.

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Alleviates sleep issues

Since yoga relaxes the mind, it will help you sleep better without any disturbances. Sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea etc. can also be treated by regular practice of yoga. It calms and relaxes the mind, relieves stress, refreshes body and keeps tension at bay. Poses like Balasana or Baby Pose, Viparita Karani may help cure sleep disorders. It helps you sleep better, releases muscle tension and regulated breathing also.

Wide variety

Unlike gym and the regular hard exercises, yoga provides a large variety of poses that might be done daily. There are around 196 Yoga Sutras and 88 Classic Yoga poses. If you are a challenge lover, try out some arm balances and inverted poses, if you want to relax try out the seated forward folds or restorative backbends. Thus Yoga offers a wide variety of poses for various problems.

No injuries

Since Yoga is the unification of the body and mind, it improves your coordination and concentration. Therefore, it decreases the chances of getting an injury. Whereas there is a much higher chance of getting hurt or injured while doing the gym exercises. So you get another reason for choosing Yoga over the gym.

Boosts Memory

The benefits of yoga also extend to your brain. Since it reduces mental stress and physical tension, our memory gets boosted up. It organizes or thoughts and we can recall things easily. Additionally, it improves the cognitive functions and takes you to a place of peace where we can use our mental facilities in a better and proper way.

Counts as Cardio

Boosting up heart rate decreases the risk of heart attack and can relieve depression. Yoga exercises improve the cardiovascular condition, lowers heart rate, increases endurance and improve oxygen intake while practicing yoga. While on the other hand, it is hard to get such benefits from going to the gym.

Thus, it is observed that Yoga beats Gym in almost all aspects. So switch to Yoga today and get yourself all these benefits. Be happy, healthy, fit and stress-free.

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