7 Proven benefits of cumin (Jeera) | Medicinal Herb for better health

About the benefits of cumin (Jeera) 

Cumin (Jeera) (Cuminum cyminum) is the flowering plant that has used as a herb for centuries and has many health benefits. Cumin belongs to the Apiaceae family. Cumin (Jeera) is extensively used in culinary practices in Ayurveda.

The alternative name of cumin

English: Cumin
Hind Name: Jeera
Scientific name: Cuminum cyminum
Sanskrit name: Jeeraka

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Taste of cumin

Cumin herb has an overpowering smell and taste. It is used in many Indian food dishes to enhance the flavour of food and also have many health benefits.

Nutritional value cumin

Nutrient Value
Water [g] 0.17
Energy [kcal] 7.88
Protein [g] 0.37
Total lipid (fat) [g] 0.47
Carbohydrate, by difference [g] 0.93
Fibre, total dietary [g] 0.22
Sugars, total [g] 0.05
Calcium, Ca [mg] 19.55
Iron, Fe [mg] 1.39
Magnesium, Mg [mg] 7.69
Phosphorus, P [mg] 10.48
Potassium, K [mg] 37.55
Sodium, Na [mg] 3.53
Zinc, Zn [mg] 0.1

Medicinal properties of cumin

Cumin is an excellent source of iron, manganese, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. Cumin seeds have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used as a traditional medicinal plant — mainly because of its ability to help fight infections and aid the digestive system.

Benefits of Cumin for better health

1. Aids Digestion

Cumin seeds are rich in fibre and help to fight with constipation. Thymol is present in cumin which stimulates the glands that secrete acids, bile and enzymes.

Studies say that spices (herb) like cumin helps to produce significant stimulation of the activities of pancreatic lipase, proteases and amalyase.

These enzymes are responsible for the proper digestion of food in the stomach and intestines.

2. Boosts Immune system

Cumin (jeera) seeds are rich in vitamin C. The presence of vitamin C in cumin allows the herb to serve as an immune system booster.

3. Helpful in Skin Issue

Cumin seeds have antioxidants property and therefore help to cure the damage to the skin. Cumin’s has antifungal and antibacterial properties and aid in skin infections.

Vitamin E and Vitamin C present in cumin trigger the anti-ageing processes within the body, thus preventing premature ageing symptoms.

4. Help in anaemia – Cumin health benefits

Cumin seed is very rich in iron. Rich content of iron helps to treat anaemia, makes blood rich in haemoglobin content and also helps in acting as a carrier of oxygen to the cells in the body.

5. Anticancer Potential

Cumin due to its antioxidant, chemopreventive, and anti-carcinogenic properties prevents various cancer, especially colon and breast cancer.

6. Increases Lactation

Cumin is rich in iron and thus very good for lactating mothers or pregnant women, as well as for women who are undergoing menses.

7. Help fall asleep

Cumin seeds also contain calming properties. For people suffering from insomnia, it is often suggested that they boil cumin seeds in a cup of water and let it sit for a few minutes before consuming.

Cumin helps calm the nerves and induces sleep immediately. Cumin tea also has a very soothing aroma.