5 Effective ways and a Proper Day Meal to lose body weight easily in 2 weeks or less

In today’s world, everyone wants to stay fit and healthy. But it is seen that after a lot of hard work people are still struggling to lose weight.

Are you also struggling to lose body weight?

If yes then don’t worry here are some easy ways to lose your body fat. All you need to do is focus on these simple tips, and slowly and gradually you will start losing your extra pounds.

1. Don’t forget to have Breakfast

Breakfast is an essential meal in your daily life. Breakfast kick starts your day into action. So skipping breakfast can leads to devastation on your metabolism. So I would recommend you to have a healthy breakfast which must include proteins, fiber, healthy fats.

2. Sweat it out

To lose your body fat easily and quickly, you must exercise at least for an hour. Doing exercise helps you to stay active throughout the day and also helps to metabolize the food you eat regularly.

3. Increase the intake of water

If you feel little thirsty, that means you have increased the risk of slowing down your metabolism for that day. Studies have shown up if you feel dehydrated then you may lead to weight gain. If you don’t love to have plain water all day long, then you may add fruit infused water.

4. Set a regular sleep schedule

To stay fit and healthy you must have a good sleep. As per the theories, the person having a good sleep lose their body weight as your muscles and digestive system need rest, and that exactly happens when you have a good sleep You must have an aim for seven or eight hours every night for a speedy metabolism.

5. Cut Back on your Sugar and Starch

If you want to lose your body weight then you should start eating healthy food which means you must avoid sugar and starch products

Apart from this, you must have a proper Day meal. So if you want a proper meal of the day to lose your body weight then look out below:

Breakfast Meal plan to lose weight quickly

You must have an adequate breakfast meal that includes fiber, healthy fats, protein, and vegetables. I would suggest you have an omelet with avocado or you can have a fresh fructose-free smoothie with almond butter or dosa with cabbage sabzi and sambar.

Lunch Meal plan to lose weight quickly

After having a proper breakfast then in lunch, you can have a brown rice bowl with some paneer recipe or can have two chupatties with a bowl of vegetable sabzi and a bowl of salad.

Evening Snak Meal

Many of the working people think out of the evening snacks like pakoras, fries, samosa, etc But to reduce body weight, you need to restrict yourself and need to find a healthier evening snack. So you can have steamed sweat corns, dhokla, a glass of fresh smoothie.

Dinner Meal plan to lose weight quickly

To lose weight quickly you must eat light and healthy before going to bed. You can have a bowl of salad with a bowl of soup. You can have two brown bread with a full bowl of vegetable.

In the end, Try these useful tips and follow this diet meal in your daily life to lose your extra pounds quickly and easily.