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About Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a type of yoga that focuses on developing one’s physical flexibility, It also promotes self-discipline. As its name would imply, power yoga is a series of rigorous positions that equal to full-body workouts. This form of yoga may hurt at first as it includes every muscle and joint in your body when practiced.

A shortened and modified version of Ashtanga yoga, it also includes styles from other yoga techniques such as from Bikram yoga and Iyengar yoga – making power yoga more lively, energetic, and more appealing to younger generations.

Benefits of Power Yoga

  1. Improved flexibility in joints, muscles, and ligaments
  2. Better muscle tone
  3. Improved strength
  4. Weight loss benefits
  5. Developed stamina and physical endurance
  6. Better body posture
  7. Effective flushing out of toxins from the body
  8. Increased mental awareness
  9. Improved ability to focus and concentrate
  10. Relaxation and stress buster
  11. Alleviation of body aches and pains
  12. Calming of mind and body

Excellent training for body strength and focus for athletes, enhancing performance in sports like cycling, basketball, golf, running, football, and swimming.

You may learn yoga online, this type of yoga may also be learned by taking classes. Let a teacher guide you on how movements should be made.

Because power yoga is composed of various rigorous positions, it would be better for you to have someone look over your yoga asanas and the progress. When you have gotten the basics then you may be able to move on to more difficult positions on your own or with minimal guidance.

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