Do’s and Don’ts of post-pregnancy Weight Loss plan

“Pregnancy is getting company inside one’s womb.” It is one of the most beautiful things in the world blessed only to women. But along this, the nasty weight comes too. On average a woman gains 25-3

5 pounds during her pregnancy and expands 1 /2 inch in every week till the end. Thus, post-pregnancy the primary concern of women is to reduce back to their original weight and size.

So here are some dos and don’ts of post-pregnancy weight loss plan.


Adopt a realistic plan
Never get carried away by the celebrities, make your simple plan and stick to it. Start with a target of 2-3 kg in a month and gradually proceed.

Eat Healthy
Your diet should include fruits and vegetables as vitamins and minerals keep you healthy. Also take protein-rich foods like milk, cheese, eggs, nuts, legumes etc.because protein helps in lowering your appetite and reduces calorie intake.

Breastfeed the baby
Breastfeeding is suitable for both the baby and the mother. It keeps the baby healthy, providing him adequate nutrients and will also help the mother to shed some pounds.

Stay Hydrated
Studies show that along with fruits and vegetables, it is also essential to take a sufficient amount of water. Drinking water also lowers the appetite and reduces calorie intake. It is advisable to drink at least 2 liters of water a day to lose weight. Moreover, staying hydrated is very important while breastfeeding to replace the fluid loss for the production of milk.

Start exercising regularly
Once your doctor says, you can start exercising. A new mother can start light exercise after six weeks of giving birth. Brisk walking is a great way to start your exercise routine. A 20- 30-minute exercise routine will help you lose weight.

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Limit junk food
Soda pops, cookies, donuts, French fries, chips, etc. are okay sometimes but to lose weight, avoid them. Don’t let them take the place of healthy food. They may not let you lose weight.

Do not CRASH diet
Crash diets are strict no, no, no. It may help you lose weight quickly, but it will not provide enough nutrients for healing and recovering. It may also be bad for the baby.

Avoid sugary foods
It has been found that sweet and processed foods contain a high amount of calories but poor nutritional content. Although these may appear tempting, its consumption can end up making you faster than before.

 Do not over exercise
Without prior approval of your do not push yourself too hard to lose weight. It may not be suitable for your health and neither for the baby. Just follow simple exercises like brisk walking, yoga, and other light activities.

Do not compromise with your sleep
A good night’s sleep does a lot for your weight loss plan. You will have more energy and will be more active if you are well rested. So give shifts to your husband or family members to take care of the baby while you catch some rest. So these were points to be kept in mind while making a post-pregnancy weight loss plan.

Your baby will fill your life with laughter and fun, but you can play with your
baby only when you are fit and healthy. Also, weight loss will help you regain confidence and beauty and will give you more strength to take care of the baby.

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