If we always want to feel beautiful, it is during the summer season that this pleasure is revealed.

Between the dreaded “bikini operation”, getting back into shape in the gym, beauty treatments, last-minute pedicures, or even a bit of all of that at the same time! Does that remind you of something ? To us yes and that is why today we are dedicating our post to the best ways to tan as it should and shine under the sun.

Sunbathing brings a number of benefits to our body: it strengthens our bones thanks to vitamin D from UVA rays, it improves the appearance of our skin, stimulates our immunity by helping the regeneration of lymphocytes, participates in the lowering cholesterol… It makes life more beautiful and it is even said that it contributes to having a fulfilling sex life!

Yes, the sun is a real gold mine for us! But you know, badly used it can give us all the opposite effects: aging of the skin, brown spots, burns etc. all without even talking about more serious problems. Also, and even if we tend to forget them, our hair and our eyes also deserve to be protected!

Approaching summer with prepared skin is essential and that is why we are going to give you some tips to start the summer season well and make the most of it.

1. Exfoliate your skin. Although it sounds normal, many people still skip this option, much to their skin’s dismay! Once every two weeks will be more than enough to remove dead skin and it will make your skin much more receptive. Pay special attention to more complicated areas like elbows and knees and of course, don’t forget the face! A cleansing of the cutis before and after the summer is always beneficial.

2. Moisturize & protect. From now on, we must realize one thing: the sun is very present and just because we are not lying all day sunbathing does not mean our skin does not receive it. So, we put on moisturizer with sun protection straight out of the shower. Our face, our arms and our legs are already exposed on a daily basis and especially do not forget the too forgotten victims of the summer… The lips and the ears!

3. Fill it up with beta-carotenes! It’s not all about taking care of yourself from the outside, but you also have to think inside. Food is a fundamental key to our healthy glow, and summer is the season when our bodies crave a lot of different nutrients. We advise you to go from the recommended 5 to 10 fruits and vegetables per day and drastically increase your consumption of carrots, tomatoes, watermelon, pumpkin and oranges to ensure a radiant tan!