How Office Going Women can burn extra Calories to stay fit

Office workers, especially people with desk jobs, spend the majority of their day sitting down in front of the computer. It is effortless and obvious to gain weight in such an environment where you sit for nine hours a day.

Since they spend most of their time in office, thus, none is left for their own. Managing work and home can be very dreary and can add up to physical and mental pressure over one’s body and mind. Thus weight loss for office goers is very challenging.

We at vedyou have rounded up the most likely culprits of your weight gain and their respective solutions.

1. Co-workers: The Junk Food Pushers

About one-third of people claim that their co-workers influence them to eat more and make them chose unhealthy options over healthy food. Moreover, if even one of your office buddies is obese, your chances increase too.

2. The temperature:

Most women confess that they feel cold at the office, and a recent study states that our body responds to cold is- laying down the fat for insulation. On average, the fat storage starts at 75oF and office temperature is usually 72oF, which can contribute to weight gain significantly.

3. Working for long Hours

Long working hours also contribute in weight of an individual. Lack of rest and sleep, disbalances the hormones that regulate your appetite and increases hunger and unusual food cravings.

4. Higher stress levels

Studies show that when under pressure, our body releases hormones that increase our diet and can make you crave more for sugary and fatty foods. It slows down our metabolism and ultimately leads to weight gain.

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5. Lack of Daylight

Laboring all day in a cube, without adequate light could lead to an extra 1.5 pounds on average, as compared to a colleague who soaks early morning rays. The primary reason is that morning light keeps the hunger under control all day long.

6. Eating for Company

Eating for courtesy sake, even when you are full may be a significant reason behind your weight gain. Since at the office you can’t say no to eat if everyone else is.
It may be a co-workers birthday or your boss’s party.

These may be some of the reasons for weight gain, but don’t worry, we have the fixes too.

How to Burn Extra Calories at Work

1) Take the Stairs
Start with the easiest way to cut calories. Walk up and down all day using stairs instead of elevators. It might be an excellent start to your day.

2) Use a Fitness Ball
It has been observed that slouching and poor sitting posture also adds up to one’s weight. So use a fitness ball at the office to help you sit straight.

3) Do Desk Exercises
Sitting monotonously on your desk won’t help, so try some desk exercise like triceps desk dips, leg raises, chair dips, football fast feet, etc.

4) Stretch out
Stretch yourself at regular intervals. It increases the blood flow, keeps you active and will also help you lose weight. So, stretch out your arms and legs.

5) Stand and Work
These days many offices are adopting the stand and work culture with raised desks. An hour of standing while working can help you burn the right amount of calories.

6) Opt Healthy Snacks
Instead of munching junk food, choose healthily and filling snacks, eat about full of fruits instead. Avoid taking soda and caffeine.

7) Cycling to the Office
You can also burn some calories on your way to the office. Take out your cycles and ride them to the office. It will help you lose weight.

8) Park away
Park your vehicle apart from the office; it will help you walk some extra steps daily and cut down your calorie levels.

9) Raise those Calves
Whenever possible, raise your calves at the office to burn some extra calories. It will also keep you active and working.

10) Move Around
Do move around the office all day. Instead of sitting and texting your colleagues, talk to them. Moving around will increase the blood flow, boost metabolism and keep you fresh and active.

So, women out there, bear these fitness tips in mind and burn some calories even at your office.

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