Medicinal Use of Marijuana you wouldn’t know – Herb

Marijuana also is known as cannabis in many countries. It is used as a psychoactive drug (i.e., mind-altering) for many medical or recreational purposes.

The alternative name of Marijuana

Botanical Name: Cannabis sativa
English Name: Marijuana
Other Names: cannabis, hashish, bhang, hemp, kef, kif, charas, ganja, sinsemilla, weed

Taste of Marijuana (Cannabis sativa)

Marijuana has different flavours fruity, earthy, pungent, lemon flavour, etc.

Smell of Marijuana

Cannabis (Marijuana) have unique terpenes that provide the aroma. Some strains smell lemony (limonene) or spicy (caryophyllene) or floral (linalool) or piney (alpha-pinene).

About Marijuana and how people take

The active component of marijuana is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). People generally used marijuana (cannabis) to smoke in the paper, Joint, cigar or baked into food such as brownies, cookies, tea.

How does Marijuana work

The highest concentration of THC is found in the dried flowers, or buds. When people smoke marijuana, it passes through the lungs into the bloodstream and thus carried out to the brain. Brain receptor act with THC in a different way and person feel high.

A control dose of marijuana once in week magnifies sensory function, increased sexual arousal provides relaxation and regulate the mood.

Note: Concern with a doctor before taking Marijuana

Medicinal Use of Marijuana

Marijuana is used for many medicinal purposes. The active chemical THC helps to fight with many issues. It helps in the treatment of Nausea, vomiting, relieves pain, stress, reduce anxiety and increases appetite.

Health Benefits of Cannabis (Marijuana)

Fight with cancer

Studies say that cannabinoids fight with certain types of cancer. However, researches are still going on.

Helps in Depression

The active chemical in cannabinoids stimulate the brain and help to fight with depression. Marijuana stabilizes mood and eases depression.

Regulate Metabolism

It is found that marijuana regulates your body metabolism rate and also helps in your eating patterns.

Helps in erectile dysfunction

Cannabinoids help in erectile dysfunction. Marijuana

Lower Your Blood Pressure

Marijuana can lower down blood pressure. However if you serious heart issues, is advised to concern with a doctor first.

Helps Anxiety

Marijuana helps to control Anxiety

It has other health benefits too like

  • Effective for Treating Nausea
  • Treatment for Headaches
  • Herb Can Treat Certain STDs
  • Improve Skin Conditions
  • Help with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Cannabis Can Calm Asthma Attacks

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