Health is a pillar of family well-being, maintaining it is everyone’s obligation and therefore it is important to take preventive measures, such as:

These measures can significantly help maintain the health of all family members, however, some conditions cannot be predicted, for example:

  • Covid 19 , is today the most important infectious disease and its average cost of care is $ 430,000 but it can reach up to $ 15 million in serious cases.
  • Acute appendicitis , the leading cause of emergency surgery in Mexico and whose average cost of care is $ 191,803
  • Breast cancer , a condition that is the second cause of death in Mexico and each year more than 23,000 cases are detected and their care requires between 250,000 and 15,000,000
  • Myocardial infarctions , whose cost of care can cost at least between $ 250,000 and 3,000,000 if it is complicated.
  • Diabetes care costs today can start at $ 200,000 and go as high as $ 3,500,000.

In addition, as we advance in age, the possibilities of facing an illness or accident grow, this table shows the approximate number of people who become ill according to their age range:

1.0 out of 10 people ________ Between birth and age 20

1.5 out of 10 people ________ Between 29 and 39 years old

2.4 out of 10 people ________ Between 39 and 59 years old

4.0 out of 10 people ________ Between 59 and 69 years old

7.4 out of 10 people ________ Over 69 years

Any disease affects the economy of families, in extreme cases, families lose the assets accumulated in their life and fall from grace.

Having health insurance is a smart measure because it not only guarantees payment of expenses derived from an illness or accident, but also guarantees the best possible care. On the other hand, because health insurance transfers risk to the insurance company, the chance of losing equity is reduced.