For the past few years, vaping flavors have been dominated by tobacco-flavored, sweet-moist, and tobacco flavors. As a result, one group of vapers has been left out of the vaping revolution because it emphasizes menthol and smooth shisha flavors. The vaping culture, coupled with the variety of e-liquid flavors, makes hookah and vaping an ideal match in traditional ways.  

If you prefer to vape hookah tobacco, several options are available for you. You can either mix your own flavor blend by combining tobacco e-juice with another flavor, or choose from the selection of great e-hookah flavors available today. Visit

The introduction of E-Hookah

There is an excellent e-hookah that focuses on both flavor and throat hit without the smoke and ash. The fantasia electronic hookah, a perfected version of a time-tested technology, offers a powerful mouthpiece and generous juice ports.

Furthermore, the clearomizer features the same characteristics that make it the ideal mouth-to-lung vaping appliance. As soon as you have access to the right e-hookah equipment from, it will just matter which shisha blends you want.

A Guide To Shisha Flavors

Vape juice offers plenty of great flavors to choose from. Vape juice can be found in many flavors, such as sweet flavors and pure tobaccos. You just need to find the best tobacco flavor or pick the right blend from the store by blending several different varieties.

A hookah pen is a softer and fruity shisha blend. The peach notes complement the tobacco flavor. As you inhale you receive a sweet kick, but you do not miss out on the shisha flavor which hookah smokers demand.  

Flavors of Everyday Hookah

Everyday Hookah offers an exotic and realistic flavor profile from a pen-sized e-hookah. It is rich in vanilla, caramel, and mangoes, while delicious in sweetness. Visit to find out more.

Flavor of Mint

A menthol enthusiast knows that mint can be combined with virtually any flavor of tobacco, and you can easily create your own shisha with just two or three ejuice flavors. The tobacco e-juice selection is amazing, but none are more popular than traditional tobacco. You can try blending it with an icy mint or peppermint e-juice, or you can create your own icy cool, minty fresh shisha blend.  

Flavoring Traditional Fruits

A gentle fruit flavor complements the tobacco’s stevia flavor, but there is also a strong earthy tobacco flavor. This flavor pair is perfect for hookah lovers since it has a slight fruitiness and a tobacco twang.

Salts of Nic

In conclusion, it’s good to know fruit nic salts work well in almost all e-hookah flavors. The first good news is about the wildly popular fruit juice blend. Its subtle sweetness is just what shisha smokers are looking for.

What is the E-Hookah Pen and how does it work?

E-Hookah pens work by vaporizing liquid, where it is heated up until it begins to evaporate, thus creating a stable vapour. In contrast, shisha and tobacco cigarettes work by burning material. As a result, many toxic chemicals are produced.

Bottom Line

These features have become the reasons why people are turning to E-hookah pens for an evening out. Security, portability, flavors and health safety all make the E-hookah pens a viable alternative to smoking shisha, which has been shown to cause considerable health risks.

Unlike shishas and cigarettes that take a lot of effort to hold, E-hookah pens are easy to use. They don’t need anything to work for them. Take a puff and you’re good to go.