Tips to improve testosterone level in a natural way

Hormones play an important role in human life. Balance body hormone helps a body to grow in proper way.

Different hormones play different roles in male and female body.

Role of testosterone level in male

Testosterone is the male sex hormone. It plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissue such as testes and prostate.

Testosterone level also helps in growth of facial, pubic and body hair. It is the main hormone which helps to build muscles and strong bones.

Testosterone level vary from age to age

Nowadays, stressful life has made a big impact on the testosterone level. Testosterone level typically highest in the morning and lowest in the afternoon.

Below is the Testosterone statistical date provided

Here the proven way to improves testosterone level for healthy life

  • Exercise and Lift weights:

Regular excercise is the most effective ways to improve your testosterone level. Testosterone level are vary throughout the day. Lifting heavy weight trigger your brain to produce more testosterone level.

  • Right diet – Eat protein to better testosterone level

Eating healthy diet for better testosterone level is important. Therefore, you must pay attention to a healthy diet. List down the high protein food and add it your menu.

  • Work on Cortisol level and stress-free life: A stressful life makes a huge impact on testosterone level. Research says high cortisol level can quickly reduce testosterone level. A balanced lifestyle will improve your health and testosterone level.
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Proper Sleep to improve testosterone level

Sound sleep is important not only for testosterone level but for overall health. Research says getting a proper sleep will increase testosterone levels to 15%.