How to Increase Sexual Stamina: 15 Tips to Improve Strength, Endurance, and Technique

Sex is no less than art. It varies from person to person and so, it is important to maximize the amount of pleasure that you can have. It is also important to improve your strength endurance and technique so that we can make most of it.
So now let us have a look at the top 15 tips that can help you to improve strength, endurance, and technique –

Stay stress-free

The most obvious thing. If you really want to have some quality time in bed, it is really important to just stay in the moment. Free yourself up with everything concern and sexual expectations and just stays calm. It is really necessary to make sure you have a relaxing time.

Don’t forget the foreplay

To have a good time in bed, it is really important to give it a good start. Do include foreplay in the beginning so that you can enjoy passionate sex.

Make it regular a thing

To have the prolonging pleasure it is important to maintain the consistency in desire and passion. keep practising it in the long run. This will not just make you an expert but also build your sexual stamina relatively much more often and better than ever!


Needless to say, exercising relevantly before intercourse can keep you energized until the end. This will help you not just in improving the flexibility but will also have a much greater and positive impact on your sexual health as a whole. Exercising before sex is a really good option.

Work on your pelvic muscles

Now, this might sound a bit contradictory but it is really important if you want to increase and improve your sexual stamina. While going through the intercourse which muscles are one of the most important parts and so it is important to keep it healthy.

Workout with squats

If you are a new one in the world of sex and want to boost your performance you are seriously advised to try bodyweight squats. You do not need any equipment for this workout and for better results you can try full squats and one leg squats.

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Do not forget the protection!

One of the most obvious things to keep in mind never compromises with protection and safety while going through intercourse with your partner. Sex is not just a physical activity but also leads to any complications if not carried out properly. So make sure.

Masturbate before sex

Masturbation has its own benefits as it makes you aware of the requirements and needs of your body when you will actually go to intercourse with your partner. It gives you a one-hand experience of sexual pleasure so that you can stay comfortable in intercourse too.

Communicate as much as possible

You can have a good time with your partner in bed it is really important to communicate well so that you both can stay comfortable with each other and have some quality time in bed. Remove all the hesitations and let each other know the wants.

Use lubricants

To have a really good time and satisfying pleasure, it is important to lubricate well! You can even use lubricants that are available in the market for the better and opened experience. This will help you in intensifying the amount of pleasure and help you in making the most of intercourse.

Prepare the surroundings

To cheer up the sexual moods, it is important to make sure that the surroundings are properly suitable as per the requirement. make up the bed as per your references, decorate the surroundings and also keep the things intact. It will help in creating the right environment.

Never go too much on planning!

Unexpected things are best that can happen to someone. When it comes to sex, it is always advisable to not to plan too much as it will lead to extremities of concerns. You can preplan what you are actually going to do in bed.

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Have the initial talk!

While having sex with your partner, it is important to let each other know what the needs are. Open up yourself and let the other person open so that the flow does not get disturbed and things go perfectly with the flow in the morning bed.


Pelvic floor muscles have an important part to play while having sex with your partner as the amount of leisure directly depends upon it.
Due to this, important to keep it strengthened. This can be done through Kegels exercise. It helps you to have a much stronger erection.

Stretch and stay active

Flexibility can add more spice to your pleasure when it comes to having sex with your partner. If you do your movements right, it can lead to much enjoyable sex time. it also helps in keeping you active so that you can maintain your sexual stamina in the long run.