How to establish a Skin Care Routine?

Great flawless skin is not a hereditary benefit. Rather it can be a result of a healthy and proper skincare routine. Whenever you see yourself in the mirror makes you die for shiny glowing skin. Having flawless skin is not rocket science. Just a tiny change in your daily routine will make an impact on skin texture.

This article will help you find the right opinion and sorting a way out. Internet is flooded with millions of opinions about how to get glowing skin but not always everything is best suited for you.

Skin Care Routuine Goals

.Any skincare routine would have only two goals, first to get an even tone complexion no matter how fair or dark you are; second to have a soft, supple and moisturized skin. Every skin is different and needs a different regime of care for its satisfaction.

Three Steps for flawless skin

But there are three simple steps which are crucial for any skin type. We strongly suggest you follow these three steps by heart.


Amidst high level of pollution in day to day lives, your sweat, dust, dirt and whatnot, it is very important to wash your skin deeply and thoroughly. There are numerous enemies of our skin out there waiting to find a way for damaging your precious skin.

What Dermatologist Recommend?

Dermatologists recommend you to wash your face twice a day with a suitable cleanser. Soaps are harsh on the skin; they make your skin rough and dry. Facial cleansers clean your skin without stripping away the essential natural oil present in the skin. But as we have already told you, not everything works on every skin type. So, if you have oily or acne-prone skin then, choose a liquid foam-based cleanser. This is very helpful as it cleanses excess sebum from deep inside your skin and helps you clean the dirt.

If you have dry skin, then go cream-based cleanser. Such cleanser will wipe away all the impurities while moisturizing your skin. For sensitive skin, oil-based cleansers are the best option.

You may find it awkward but oil-based cleanser gives your sensitive skin a clean wipe and doesn’t irritate your skin pores. One thing that should be kept in mind while purchasing a cleanser is it should be non-comedogenic.


For many of you, a toner may remind you of thin alcohol-based watery like substance that gives you a tingling feeling and doesn’t make any difference to you. But let me get it clear, there is a difference between a toner and an astringent. Toners are a supplement to intact your skin natural ingredients. They help the other products to get absorbed better and give a balance to your complexion. It is highly recommended to include toners in your daily regime.

While purchasing a toner, look for ingredients like Vitamin E and C that helps you fight free radicals and save your skin from ageing. Ingredients such as Rosewater and green tea are known for their anti-inflammatory effect on your skin.

They provide calmness and reduce the redness from your skin. If you are dealing with clogged pores or sun-damaged skin, then go for ingredients like Alpha and Beta hydroxyl acids, they will help you improve your overall skin texture and minimize the damage. It is recommended to use it twice a day after cleansing.


The function of a moisturizer is well-known. It hydrates your skin to deep inside and helps you get soft skin. Moisturizers help you prevent loss of water from your skin. It acts as a block for the skin and protects the natural oil present in our skin.

The need for moisturizer for every skin differs from each other. For normal or combination skin type, choose a lotion which will get absorbed quickly into your skin. Gel moisturize are best for oily skin as the water-based option gives you more hydration and get well into your skin. If you have dry skin, opt for a cream-based moisturizer. These are a little heavier and give best results for dry skin.  

Night creams

Unlike day creams which give you hydration and protection from pollutants, night creams are more focused on repairing and rejuvenating the skin texture. These creams will help you replenish the moisture level of your skin and help you overcome any damage done to your skin.