Standing Backbend Pose | Anuvittasana | How to do Standing backbend pose and It’s benefits

About Standing Backbend Pose

Standing backend Pose or Adhrachakrasana or ANUVITTASANA. Anuvittasana is a Sanskrit word where – ‘Anuvitta’ = ‘obtained,’ or ‘found,  this asana is pretty easy asana and is also known as Adhrachakrasana [half wheel pose ] it is a standing level backbend.
It acts as an exciting foundation of many other poses of backbend poses it is a beginner pose thus can be easily performed by anyone and is merely harmless. Even the starting of Surya Namaskar begins with this asana only.

How to do Standing Backbend Pose Yoga

  • Bend the upper body a bit back while bending at the hip after releasing the body from the chair pose
  • Gradually come up by straightening the knee and lifting the upper body while inhaling a long breath
  • Inhale once again and move the neck shoulder and the chest backward, keeping the hands on the hip for better support
  • Exhale all the air out entirely at this point start slow breathing while watching the chest and the abdomen expand with the breathing.
  • Stay in the same position for around 5-6 breaths according to the comfort of the body.
  • Lastly, release from the pose and remain standing straight, closing your eyes and bring your breath to average speed.
  • Bring the body to relax while standing with deep breathing and stay calm and focused on easing the body.

standing backbend pose

Benefits of Standing Backbend Pose

The Standing Backbend yoga pose is a relaxed pose and suitable for beginners too, If you want to more yoga poses for beginners then read previous ous blogs. Standing Backbend yoga serves advantageous benefits some of the explicit benefits of this yoga pose are given below

  • Muscles and flexibility of body: The tightening of muscles around the hip and the lower back at the time of backbend helps both with toning and flexibility of these muscles. This movement improves the flexibility of lower back and hips
  • Abdomen and digestion: During the performance of this asana, the abdominal muscles are stretched upwards. This moment slowly helps in the reduction of excess fat around the belly and stimulates the internal organs leading to improved digestion.
  • Heart and blood pressure: this simple yoga pose can give a significant impact in opening the heart vessels for better functioning, and it also regulates the blood pressure.
  • Lungs and respiratory: with the stretching of muscles around the chest and diaphragm improves the operation of the lungs reducing any respiratory disorders.
  • Balance and awareness: this asana requires the individual to be aware of the body, the breath, and the balance of the body and mind and this created awareness is essential for balance


Though it is an easy yoga pose and barely need any harm in it, but still, there are some instructions one should follow while performing the asana an individual should avoid this pose if he is suffering from any neck injury any heart issues such as blood pressure or vertigo.

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