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About Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose or Tadasana Yoga Pose is a Sanskrit word where Tada means = mountain and asana mean posture or Pose.

In whole, it refers to a mountain like the posture of the body. Tadasana yoga pose is the most basic yoga asana and is suitable for all age group. It provides many health benefits .  and is also acts as a base for many other complex asanas.

How to do Mountain Pose

  1. Start the pose with a standing position, bring both the feet together or around hip-width apart, parallel.
  2. Now slightly lift the toes, spread them wide, and slowly place them back on the floor . don’t lean forward to feel your weight balanced the base of each foot.
  3. Now slightly pull the knee cap tighten the thigh and tuck the tailbone somewhat under, align the hips, the legs should be straight, but the knees shouldn’t be locked back.
  4. While inhaling lift out of the waist, by pressing the crown of your head upwards, now feel the spine long and keep it straight.
  5. Now slowly exhale the breath and drop the shoulder down and back as you reach the fingertips all towards the floor. Slowly and gently apply a slight amount of pressure on the chest towards the front.
  6. With Continuation to reach out through fingers, inhale with that take your arms up, turn the palms to the shoulders height, and bring the wings in an H position.
  7. With exhaling of breath bring your shoulders down from the ears while still reaching the crown and the fingers should be up.
  8. Take a deep breath and hold it for around 6-8 breaths according to your own will.
  9. Now to exit or get released from this position exhale breath with that bring your arms down to your sides or you can also bring the palms together in front of the chest.

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Benefits of Mountain Pose

Mountain pose is said to be the origin of almost all the standing postures.

It provides remarkable benefits to the body. It significantly improves posture, steadiness, stability, and boosts up the confidence of an individual. Confidence is said to be a key to happy living we should always try to attain it at all the stage of life to lead a doubtless life with no self-questioning and anxieties.


Though the mountain pose is said to be the basic and the most basic yoga asana practiced by a vast number of people very quickly still there are some basics to be kept in mind like the individuals having any  Recent or chronic injury to the shoulders shouldn’t try to attempt this pose. Or else perform the pose under the guidance of an expert.

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